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The Centre for Creative Industries, Media and Screen Studies is an interdisciplinary research centre that focuses on the dynamic relationships among cultural production, aesthetics, ethics and cultural economies in local and global contexts, with a particular focus on film and screen cultures.

Our approach combines an interest in analysing the creative texts and contexts of media with an emphasis on stimulating productive dialogue among theorists, practitioners and artistic researchers. We combine a sensitivity to the specific conditions of cultural production in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and among their diasporas with the desire to explore the consequences of the global reach of art, media and culture in our digital era.

From discussion of cultural production and circulation across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, to screenings of contemporary independent films followed by Q&As with filmmakers, to panel debates about the diversity of cultural industries, the centre aims to serve as an ideas lab, a centre for the development and dissemination of world-leading research, and a hub for those committed to critically and culturally informed perspectives on film and the creative industries.

We are committed to interrogating and moving beyond the historical hegemonies of the Euro-American creative industries, and to foregrounding the work of those who are engaged in this transformational and inspiring work.

We run an annual seminar series (which is free and open to all) with cutting-edge cultural analysts and practitioners from across the global creative industries.

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