Global partnerships

Our vision

A new model for equitable global partnerships at SOAS

At the heart of SOAS’ vision are partnerships with the learning institutions of the world to make the development of this new knowledge base a collective endeavour. Rethinking international partnerships is important in this historical moment when all our challenges are transnational in character and require us to build human and institutional capacities which are both local and planetary.

There is an urgent need for equitable partnerships globally. All our challenges – pandemics, climate change, inequality, political and social polarization – are transnational in character and cannot be resolved within the context of a single nation state. We are going to require institutional and human capacities around the world.

Our distinctiveness must not be simply our offering in Bloomsbury, London but the collective offering through all of our partnerships. Global partnerships are a key component of  SOAS's Strategic Plan (PDF, 2.94MB) which articulates a vision for a new model of international partnerships that is responsive to the transnational character of our global challenges.

SOAS are currently developing our portfolio of equitable strategic partnerships. If you would like to explore opportunities to collaborate with us, please get in touch and email the team.

A message from SOAS Director, Adam Habib

Our team

  • Sarah Joyce, Global Partnerships Manager
  • Hannah Qurashi, Global Partnerships Manager
  • MariaH Orobio, Global Partnerships Assistant