Deferred entry vs deferral request


When you submit your application through UCAS, you can choose whether to make your application for the current application cycle or the following academic year.

If you submit an application for the following academic cycle this is known as a deferred entry application.

If you submit an application for the current application cycle but later ask to defer your place to the following academic year this is known as a deferral request.

Deferred entry

Submitting a deferred entry application

Deferred entry applications are where an applicant applies for a course commencing the following academic year so they can take a year out before starting it.

Applicants applying for deferred entry must meet the conditions of their offer in the year they have applied in, in order to secure their place.

The conditions of your offer won’t change even though the date does. For example, if your conditional offer is based on attaining ABB in 2023 to start your deferred course in 2024, you must attain those grades in 2023 to secure your deferred place. 

Clearing applicants

SOAS does not accept deferred entry applications during Clearing.

Deferral request

Eligibility criteria to apply for a deferral

To request a deferral of your offer to the next academic year:

  • Your offer must be unconditional firm (UF)
  • Your request must be submitted in the cycle in which you have applied
  • It must be your first deferral
  • Your deferral must have been requested before 30 September in the cycle you have applied.

How to apply

Deferral requests must be emailed to including your 10-digit UCAS ID and stating the reason(s) why you wish to defer. Requests must be received by 30 September. 

Deadline for requesting a deferral

Deferrals must have been requested by 30 September in the cycle in which you have applied.

Requests received after this deadline will not be approved and applicants will need to submit a new application through UCAS for consideration of the following academic year.

Deferral requests are only considered for the following academic year only. If you cannot attend in the year you have deferred to, you will need to re-apply through UCAS for your desired year of entry.

Clearing applicants

Clearing offers are not eligible for deferral. Deferral requests from clearing applicants will not be approved.