Centre on Conflict, Rights and Justice


The Centre on Conflict, Rights and Justice (CCRJ) was established in 2010 in the Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS. The centre promotes individual and collaborative research on the international politics of human rights and transitional justice, humanitarianism and aid, religion and politics, and civil liberties especially as they relate to conflict and post-conflict situations.

The centre pursues research that investigates efforts to construct international norms, policies, and institutions for governing conflict and post-conflict situations. The Centre also facilitates research designed to evaluate the effects of these practices on a range of political outcomes and especially the for the future of international peace and security.  

The centre provides a forum for encouraging research driven engagement between and among scholars, practitioners, advocates, and research students in these areas. The centre welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives, but seeks to contribute especially to the study of international relations and comparative politics.

Through research workshops, speaker series, manuscript readings, and grant projects it facilitates creative engagement among policy and research communities based internationally and in London. The centre also provides a mechanism for engaging visiting scholars and practitioners that are pursuing relevant research. We welcome these visitors as research associates.

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The centre's scholars and research associates are involved in several ongoing collaborative research projects on:

  • Human rights futures
  • The role of justice in ongoing conflict
  • Comparative international courts
  • The rise of "faith based actors" in international humanitarianism
  • The role of paternalism in human rights advocacy
  • Religious actors and transitional justice
  • The impact of transitional justice on peace, stability, and human rights compliance

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