Korea University, South Korea

SOAS–Korea University Dual Masters Programmme

SOAS is delighted to offer a postgraduate Dual Degree Programme in collaboration between the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Korea University (KU) and the School of Finance and Management at SOAS.

About the Programme

Commencing with the 2021/22 academic year, the SOAS-KU Dual Degree Programme established a unique postgraduate pathway in the fields of international studies, business and management, providing graduates with two Masters degrees through study at each of SOAS and KU.

Students may combine the following degree programmes at each partner university through joining the Dual Degree Programme:

Korea University


While KU Masters programmes are ordinarily two years in length, students of the Dual Degree Programme will instead be able to complete each of a KU and SOAS Masters degree programme in a minimum of two years, depending on the student’s preferred pathway.

Students can choose to commence their Dual Degree programme at KU or at SOAS. Students that choose to begin at KU will complete Year 1 of the KU Masters Degree and then complete the full 1 Year Masters Degree at SOAS.

Alternatively, students can complete the Masters Degree at SOAS (1 Year) and then join Year 2 of the chosen Masters Degree at KU.

Students registering for the Dual Degree Programme are also eligible to receive a generous scholarship against normal SOAS and KU international tuition fee rates in their respective second year of study. For example, students that begin at KU will receive a discount on their SOAS tuition fees, and those beginning at SOAS will receive a discount on their KU tuition fees.

About Korea University

Established in 1905, Korea University is one of the nation’s top private universities which seeks to realize a peaceful and happy society for all mankind by contributing to bringing everlasting peace to the Korean peninsula and promoting harmonious co-existence with neighbouring countries. 

Korea University' aims to achieve its mission to advance mankind by fostering pragmatic talent possessing creativity, innovative thinking, and open-minded leadership.

Find out more and apply

Current Korea University students will need to apply for one of the SOAS programmes as listed above during their first year of study. 

SOAS departments will nominate students who expressed interest in the dual degree with Korea University in term 2 based on their term 1 coursework performance (and this nomination is also based on the condition of passing all coursework in term 2 and final exams in term 3). You are required to complete a separate application to Korea University and submit your interim academic transcript (except for MSc Dissertation) to in August before enrolling to KU.

Students should apply by the deadline and meet the entry requirements of the relevant programme.

For more information on the SOAS-KU Dual Degree Programme please contact the departments and admissions teams at each institution.