University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


The Department of Economics at SOAS is delighted to offer a Joint MPhil/PhD in Applied Development Economics in collaboration with the School of Economics and Finance at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. 

The SOAS-Wits strategic partnership aims to train students in heterodox economics and facilitate an understanding of important global economic challenges through the lens of Africa.   

About the programme

  • Students have the opportunity to contribute to a research programme aimed at strengthening heterodox economic and political economy research in, on and for Africa. 
  • Students will be jointly admitted to both institutions and have access to resources and supervision from both SOAS and Wits throughout the programme. 
  • Students have the opportunity to travel to the UK or South Africa as part of the programme, although this is not mandatory. 
  • The programme has a single fee set for all students regardless of country of origin. 
  • Upon completion of the programme, students will be jointly awarded a PhD by both SOAS and Wits. 

​About the University of Witwatersrand

Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa - a vibrant, leading commercial city on the African continent, Wits University is internationally distinguished for research, high academic standards and commitment to social justice in Africa and beyond- its history is linked to academic excellence, and with political and civic activism.  

Find out more and apply

To be eligible, students will need to apply to both institutions via each institution’s website by the deadlines specified and meet entry requirements of both institutions.  

Contact Us

If you have any queries on this partnership, please contact the Global Partnerships team: