Centre for Anthropology and Mental Health Research in Action


The Centre for Anthropology and Mental Health Research in Action (CAMHRA), due to launch in September 2024, will be a new SOAS research centre dedicated to the anthropological study of mental health. 

Working with partners across academia, statutory healthcare, civil society and policy, and alongside services users and people with lived experience, our research aims to understand the varied experiences of mental distress, and therapeutic practice. Through ethnographic research, education and public engagement, CAMHRA aims to contribute distinctly anthropological perspectives to a growing global understanding of how societies can understand and respond to mental distress and build effective systems of care. 

Programmes and activities

CAMHRA is based in London and has a particular mandate to understand the complex and intersectional mental health needs of London’s diverse populations. To do this, we have a core partnership with Thrive LDN, a public mental health partnership of London’s NHS Trusts, councils, other statutory bodies, voluntary and community groups, led by the Mayor of London and London Health Board partners.

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Partnership and funding

Funding for CAMHRA involves an initial investment from UKRI Research England’s Expanding Excellence in England Fund which identifies research units recognised as excellent and having the potential to grow. Funding will run for 5-years, commencing from the 2024-2025 academic year, to establish a sustainable increase in mental health research capacity. 

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