Department of Anthropology and Sociology


We are a diverse, multi-lingual, and engaged community. Our teaching is research-led and our curriculum is sharp and cutting-edge.

We teach what we practise, and we practise what we teach. We grapple with the theory and practice of real-world issues having to do with migration, race, gender, climate change, and social justice.

Our programmes of study are built on the premise that the world has many layers, faces, perspectives, and forms of knowledge. Across our programmes, students acquire the methods and theories to help understand the world and to make a difference.

Our approach to teaching is practice-based and collaborative: we strongly believe in collaborative learning and peer-mentoring, thereby offering a unique learning opportunity for our diverse and vibrant student community.

Our co-heads of department say ...

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology is a diverse community of scholars, practitioners and students committed to exploring the vast range of human experience in a fast-changing and complex world.

We use the method and theory of anthropology to challenge our common assumptions and to critically engage with the pressing issues of our time from climate change, racial discrimination and food poverty to migration, religious fundamentalism, and artificial intelligence.

Through our teaching, research, and everyday interactions we both grapple with the multiple dimensions of human life, and work to envision and create a liveable future.

- Professor Emma Crewe and Professor Catherine Dolan

Meet the academics

The department counts 50+ academics from across a range of subjects and expertise.