Centre for Sustainable Structural Transformation


The SOAS Centre for Sustainable Structural Transformation (CSST) reimagines and promotes structural transformation in an age of ecological and social crises through industrial policy that is long-term-oriented and frame-shifting. 

By acting as an action-oriented hub for research, learning and policy for the Global South, especially Africa, CSST conducts path-breaking research on structural transformation, industrial dynamics, and economic diversification strategies and on how to make them environmentally and socially sustainable. Going beyond research silos, CSST advances an integrated framework focusing on four inter-linked research and industrial policy areas: energy transition, critical minerals, restructuring of supply chains, and construction of new infrastructure. 

CSST conducts research in these areas through deep dives into countries and sectors, with a view to unlocking sector-specific binding constrains and promoting linkages across sectors. CSST’s research will be rooted in the understanding of national and international political economy, trends in industrial and technological changes, and the constant changes in business models.

CSST is directed by Professors Ha-Joon Chang and Antonio Andreoni.

The Centre was set up in 2024 with a significant donation from the Hyundai Motor Group.

Picture by Scott Webb via Unsplash. 

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