London Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Science

Compared with most regional centres, the London Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Science is distinctive in terms of its both regional expertise and thematic social science concentration. As such, it is designed to combine depth of empirical coverage while advancing key theoretical (both mainstream and critical) debates in the social sciences.

The principal purposes of the centre are:

  1. To provide a forum for inter-disciplinary, comparative social scientific research relating to the Asia- Pacific region (comprising ASEAN+3)
  2. To facilitate social science research that reflects commitment to empirical research together with representation of both mainstream and critical viewpoints
  3. To promote discussion, research and scholarship related to the following themes in particular: 
    • Comparative political and economic systems
    • International relations of the Asia-Pacific
    • Regional economic integration
    • East Asia-EU relations
  4. To host regular seminar series, workshops, conferences featuring scholars from UK and overseas in relation to the core themes specified in c
  5. To develop externally-funded, inter-disciplinary collaborative projects within the Centre and with institutions overseas
  6. To host suitably qualified visiting scholars and practitioners with cognate interests

Meet the members.

Studies of the Contemporary Asia Pacific

Series editors: Tat Yan Kong (SOAS University of London) and Ramon Pacheco Pardo (King's College London, University of London)

This series is the flagship publication of the London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Science, based at SOAS, University of London and King's College London.

‘Peace and prosperity’ have underpinned the Asia Pacific region's rise in the international system since the end of the Cold War. This series seeks to understand the contemporary challenges to ‘peace and prosperity’. In particular, it seeks to understand the origins and dynamics of three issues, namely, the divergence between economic and social development as rapid growth has been accompanied by the worsening of relative disparities, the global constraints facing the region's export-led growth model, especially relations with the West, and the persistence of inter-state conflicts despite the necessity of closer regional integration.

Based on these comparative and international guiding themes, this series seeks to publish original monographs and, when appropriate, edited volumes on the Asia-Pacific irrespective of the methodological approach. The aim of the series is to publish scholarly works that are both conceptually sophisticated and empirically well-informed. While addressing scholarly issues, it is hoped that the series will also appeal to wider audiences with an informed interest in the region.

Bankerohan Public Market, Davao, Philippines

Studies of the Contemporary Asia Pacific

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