Centre of World Christianity


The SOAS Centre of World Christianity promotes the study of the historic and modern contexts of Christianity in Africa and Asia. The regional scope includes:

  • Africa: including Egypt and Ethiopia
  • Middle East: Iraq, Lebanon, Israel & Palestine, Turkey and Syria
  • Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • India, Afghanistan and Iran
  • Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan
  • China (with a particular interest in Turfan) and Mongolia

The Centre of World Christianity advances the study of Christianity in Africa and Asia at SOAS by pursuing the following aims:

  • to network research projects and study initiatives by scholars at SOAS across the disciplines,
  • to collaborate with specialists from other institutions, both within the U.K. and internationally
  • to inform policy-makers and the wider public about the plurality of Christianity in Africa, and Asia and its place in society and culture

Primary Activities of the Centre of World Christianity include:

  • organising, hosting or facilitating conferences, public lectures, meetings, workshops and seminars
  • academic exchange projects, particularly the hosting of Visiting Scholars from African and Asian countries
  • promotion of undergraduate courses and postgraduate research on Christianity in Africa and Asia
  • collaboration with the SOAS Library to enhance the teaching and research resources on Christianity in World Christianity

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Contact us

ChairDr Lars Peter Laamann
Phone: +44 (0)20 7898 4634
Email: ll10@soas.ac.uk 

Co-Chair: Dr Romina Istratii 
Email: ri5@soas.ac.uk

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