Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Dr Benjamin Bowles

Key information

Department of Anthropology and Sociology Lecturer in Anthropology
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Support hours
Mondays 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Tuesdays 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Research interests

Major research projects:

  • Research Fellow - SOAS - 2019/2020: Trajectories of Infrastructure Finance
  • Research Fellow - LSE - 2018: Flexible and Reflexive Standards: Constructing Resilient Infrastructure in Uncertainty
  • Research Assistant - LSE - 2015-2017: Global Maritime Investment and Infrastructure. Financing Ports and Projects. Belt and Road Initiative.
  • PhD - Brunel University - 2012-2015: Water Ways: Becoming an Itinerant Boat-Dweller on the Canals and Rivers of South East England

Expertise in:

  • The effects of infrastructure financing regimes on sustainability
  • The governance of infrastructure projects and their assurance for resilience and sustainability
  • Alternative lifestyles and sustainable forms of dwelling
  • Narrowboat travelling communities (Boaters)
  • Global infrastructure financing elites
  • Political and Economic Anthropology
  • The Anthropology of travelling populations within the state
  • The Anthropology of Britain


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