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Professor Bruce Ingham

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Department of Linguistics Emeritus Professor of Arabic Dialect Studies (Retired) Member Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies Member
Department of Linguistics & Near and Middle East Section
BA, PhD (London)
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Research interests

My earlier research covered the Arabic dialects of Khuzistan (Persia), Southern Iraq, the bedouin of North Eastern Arabia and the Arabic Dialect of Northern Afghanistan. This resulted in my first book North East Arabian Dialects KPI (1982). Later I became interested in the oral literature, history and culture of the bedouin and my Bedouin of Northern Arabia: Traditions of the Al Dhafir also published by KPI appeared in 1986, followed Najdi Arabic: Central Arabian by John Benjamins in 1994 and Arabian Diversions: Studies in the Dialects of Arabia Ithaca Press in 1997. Also in that year I co-edited with Nancy Lindisfarne Tapper, Languages of Dress in the Middle East, which was published by Curzon Press. More recently I have worked on Lakota, a language of the Northern Plains of America, and have produced an English-Lakota Dictionary, Curzon Press 2001 and a Grammatical Sketch published by Lincom Press appeared in 2003. At the moment I continue to work both on Lakota and the Arabic Dialects of the Arabian Peninsula.


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