Dani Solomon

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Key information

Graduate Teaching Assisstant
BA (Oxon), MA (KCL)
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Thesis title
The role of development in the production and contestation of international order
Internal Supervisors
Dr Sutha Nadarajah & Dr Mark Laffey


Dani Solomon is a PhD candidate and graduate teaching assistant in the Politics and International Studies department at SOAS. Her research looks at the role development has played historically in the production of the liberal international order, and the global ordering implications of China's growing involvement in development and aid practices through 'South-South Cooperation'. This research relocates the Global South as a key site of international ordering, and pays attention to Southern agency in the (geo)politics of development. Her research interests include the politics of development, critical geopolitics, hierarchy and imperialism, historical international relations, conflict and intervention, postcolonial theory and poststructuralism.

Dani had a career for a number of years as a strategy consultant, and has also worked in the voluntary sector. She has recently been awarded a 3-month internship in the Policy Unit of the FCDO, taking place in the autumn of 2022, where she will be undertaking research projects to inform UK foreign and development policy.

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