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David Fasenfest has MA degrees in Chinese Studies, Economics and Sociology as well as his PhD in Sociology, all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  He is the editor of the journal, Critical Sociology, as well as the series editor for Studies in Critical Social Science.  His research has focused on income inequality, urban development, and most recently environmental racism.


  • Social Change, Resistance and Social Practice, Leiden: Brill, David Fasenfest and Richard Dello Buono (eds.) 2010; paperback edition published by Haymarket 2012
  • Engaging Social Justice: Critical Studies of 21st Century Social Transformation, Leiden: Brill, David Fasenfest (ed.) 2009; paperback edition published by Haymarket 2011
  • Critical Perspectives on Local Development Policy Evaluation, Detroit: Wayne State University Press, David Fasenfest and Laura Reese (eds.) 2004
  • Community Economic Development: Policy Formation in the U.S. and U.K., David Fasenfest (ed.) London: Macmillan Press and New York: St. Martin's Press,  1993
  • Comparative Politics of Local Economic Development, David Fasenfest and Peter Meyer (eds.) Policy Studies Organization, Greenwood Press. 1991
  • 変わりゆく世界の中で連帯を築く(Building Solidarity in a Changing World), translated by 沙羅  朴 (Sara Park), in 理論と動態, 11号 (Theory and Dynamics 11), 社会理論・動態研究所 (Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics), Hiroshima, Japan 2019
  • Marx and the Global South (with Raju Das), Global Dialogue: Magazine of the International Sociological Association, Vol  8, Issue 1 (April) available at 2018
  • Network priorities for social sustainability research and education: Memorandum of the Integrated Network on Social Sustainability Research Group, Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 12: 1: 16-21 2018 [published online 5 October 2017]
  • Emergency Management in Michigan: A Misguided Policy Initiative, in Ashley Nickels and Jason Rivera (eds) Community Development and Public Administration Theory: Empowerment through the Enhancement of Democratic Principles, London: Routledge 2018
  • A Neoliberal Response to an Urban Crisis: Emergency Management in Flint, MI. Critical Sociology 36, 5: 627-631 2017
  • Emergency Management in Michigan: Race, Class and the Limits of Liberal Democracy (with Theodore Pride) Critical Sociology, 42:3: 331-334 2016

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