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Home Is Where Heart Is
Cultural Meetings:
Portraits of life in Africa and life of Africans in Europe by Jacob Crawfurd
13 July - 23 September 2006

This is the first exhibition in London by Danish photographer Jacob Crawfurd.

Jacob's work reflects his years of fascination for Africa and its huge fusion of cultures that he has turned into many colourful portraits.

For this exhibition there is a selection of work from Cameroon and Ghana which he has combined with parallel images exploring African experiences and diaspora in Europe.

Jacobs work focuses largely on the African communities found in his native Denmark looking at their experiences of everyday Danish life, European culture and the people.

What these communities bring to Denmark and life in Europe in the way of an exchange of cultures and ideas is portrayed through Jacob's work.

Sub themes from the exhibition include...

Education; work; traditions and chieftaincy; history; cultural events; football and hair.

"The multi-cultural society is already a fact. Peoples from all over the world move around mixing cultures and ideas. It has always been like that, but it is getting a little more visible now. Cultural meetings are sometimes a difficult challenge, but everybody can learn from&Jacob Crawfurd, 200

Photos for sale
Most of the photos in the exhibition are for sale in the same size and professional quality as displayed.
60x40 cm, signed and unframed: £ 75.00 excl. postage
Please write to directly to Jacob Crawford or leave your contact details with the gallery staff.

Selected motives from the exhibition are for sale as postcards in the SOAS bookstore at the Gallery entrance.

Sponsored by the Embassy of Denmark.

Further details will appear here soon but you can find details of Jacob Crawfurd's work on his web site at crawfurd.com