Pakistan Another Vision

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Pakistan Another Vision
Arts and the Islamic World and Asia House present

12 April -18 June 2000

The first survey of historical and contemporary work by three generations of artists

Pakistan, which came into existence 52 years ago, is still in search of a national identity: the definition of the social and ideological priorities of this emerging Islamic nation, whose cultural traditions stretch back thousands of years, is at the forefront of public debate. The foundation of Pakistan coincided with a new internationalism in contemporary visual arts. Its painters have faced exciting and difficult challenges, the two greatest being: the establishment of their own national style, drawing on tradition, yet committed to the present, and the search for a dialogue with the new trends of the global avant-garde.

This exhibition affords the artists of Pakistan the attention, understanding and respect that they merit, both internationally and in their own country.

The works on show, which total around 100, have been selected from public and private collections in Pakistan, Britain and the USA, including the National Gallery in Islamabad. Paintings, sculpture, drawings, watercolours and graphics have been chosen both for their artistic qualities and for their cultural relevance. They demonstrate the diversity of styles and techniques embraced by Pakistan's artists: strong individualities and a wide range of attitudes to personal, social and political issues emerge. Subjects include the human figure and portraiture; landscape and urban scenes; the move towards abstraction; and calligraphy as an indigenous form of non-representational art.

The exhibition is curated by Timothy Wilcox. An 80-page full-colour catalogue has articles by prominent Pakistani and British art critics and artists. For the London showing there is an education programme of lectures, workshops and other activities.


  • Huddersfield Art Gallery, 23 June - 5 August
  • Victoria Art Gallery and Hotbath Gallery, Bath, 19 September – 8 November

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