Events technical support


The I&T directorate offer technical support to SOAS organised events, as well as events organised by external clients who hire our facilities. Technical Specialist provide sound engineering, audio/video recording, playback assistance, AV system supervision, guidance and training. The types of event we typically cover include:

  • Inaugural Lectures
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Departmental special events
  • Film screenings
  • Interviews
  • Panel discussions
  • Workshops
  • Diverse cultural events

Most of these events are likely to require additional set-up time for the installation and testing of equipment. If you are requesting complex technical support (including live performances or recording/filming), you must make sure that your booking includes at least one hour set-up time (possibly more), depending on complexity. Set-up must take place before the audience arrives. We are happy to discuss the technical planning and preparation stages with you.


Room layouts and equipment

Rooms vary in layout and multimedia capability so bear this in mind when planning your event.

    Please note, in accordance with health and safety rules, it may not be possible to install additional equipment in rooms without suitable connection or space. To contact us, or if you need more technical details regarding rooms, email

    All campus service requests (cleaning, maintenance, security, furniture and porterage) should be made via, or phone ext: 2424 for internal calls, for external and mobile dial: 020 8526 8731.

    The following guides provide further details about our larger rooms.


    It is vitally important that we establish the details of the technical support required prior to providing support. This will have an effect on the duration, cost and quality of your event. Please make sure we have a contact person who will co-ordinate the events both at planning stage and during the event.


    Technical support must be booked in advance

    • Weekdays: require 7 days notice
    • Weekends: require 1 month notice

    Please note that unless prior arrangements are made for technical support, a technician will not be present for your event. Late requests for support may be declined. Booking must be confirmed by one of the Technical Specialists. Please ensure you have the booking confirmed to avoid any disappointment.

    Consideration of setup time is necessary to include in advance of your intended start time. This gives us time to check audio feeds, run through the schedule and setup cameras. We may also need to check presentations, arrange microphones, and be advised on speakers positions and other contributions. If this is not arranged expectations may not always be met. We cannot make all the technical decisions ourselves but we can offer advice and options. If we do not adequate information or have a clear plan of the event in advance, it can lead to delays and the event may not be supported as expected.

    Internal events

    Contact Room bookings must be made through the internal Room Booking system.

    An internal charge may be made for technical support so provide us with your cost centre code and account number when making your request.

    Computer access and roving microphones

    Guest speaker/presenter computer access

    We can provide PC login details for individual guest speakers so they are able to use the presentation facilities in classrooms and access to the network. Once you have been provided with a login, please visit Wifi at SOAS to setup wireless devices.

    To get a login, please email with the speakers name, email, contact number, the event title and date. Allow 7 days notice for the details to be processed.

    We cannot provide group or anonymous logins due to the schools Janet policy. For further information you would need to email the above address for the attention of the Networks team.

    Roving microphones

    A limited number of wireless microphones are available, only for use in rooms with suitable additional equipment installed. These cannot be moved between venues. They are available in lecture rooms only( BGLT, DLT, KLT, SALT, WLT and Senate house atrium), subject to booking and availability. Please arrange to booking by emailing in advance of your request. You would need to specify the person collection the microphone kits from room L50 (during weekdays for evening events these need to be collected 4-5pm, for weekend events, these would need to be collected Friday 4-5pm). After use, all mic kits need to be left at Brunei security desk. As we only have one kit available for each room, early bookings will take priority and late notice events bookings may not be accepted.