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Hana Zahir

Key information

Department of Economics PhD in Economics
B.Sc. (Hons) Economics from LUMS, Pakistan, M.Sc. Economics (LUMS, Pakistan)
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Thesis title
How do inheritance reforms impact women’s access and control over land? Evidence from Punjab (Pakistan).
Internal Supervisors
Dr Satoshi Miyamura


Hana’s research introduces an alternative to traditional household bargaining models to view women’s empowerment outcomes such as access and control over land rights by utilising social and gender norms established through existing social relationships and historical institutions.

Her publications include: a study on female inheritance reforms in Punjab for the GoP (2016); a study on how social networks help different agricultural-based households in the same geographical area react to drought differently (IRDC, 2013); a study on how social networks impend a household’s control over fertility rates (FSM Award 2008). She has experience collaborating with different government departments and donor agencies including Punjab Commission on the Status of Women, Punjab Land Regulatory Authority, and the British High Commission in Pakistan.

Hana is a recipient of the Falak Sufi Memorial Prize 2008, the LUMS Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarship for work on Climate Change in Pakistan and the Uma Lele Fellowship for Women 2023.

Research interests

  • Gender
  • Land
  • Households and Family
  • Bargaining, Norms, Informal Institutions.

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