Dr Mikal Woldu

Key information

Department of Politics and International Studies UKRI Future Leaders Postdoctoral Research fellow
BSc. in Psychology (London South Bank University)
MSc. in Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education (Brunel University)
PhD in Social Anthropology (SOAS)
Russell Square: College Buildings


Dr Mikal Woldu is a UKRI Future Leaders Postdoctoral Research fellow (2023-2026) within the Department of Politics and International Relations at SOAS. She received her doctorate in Social Anthropology from SOAS in 2020. She specialises in African migration and diaspora studies, with particular focus on the experiences of African migrant communities in Europe.

Her current research examines the concept of Pan-Africanism through the lens and experiences of second-generation Africans in the UK. The project seeks to highlight the extent to which political dynamics at local, national and supranational levels contribute to specific formulations of identities that are situationally driven, and continuously shifting between specific ethnic and cultural references, and a broader Black and pan-African socio-cultural landscape.

Mikal’s doctoral research examined the ways in which experiences of settlement and organising among Eritrean migrant communities in London and Milan, were shaped by changing political dynamics at national, transnational and supranational level over time. Through a cross-national and an intergenerational approach, her research investigated the case study of the Eritrean diaspora in Italy and the UK, to highlight the complexities and heterogeneity of experiences among migrants from the same country of origin within and across two countries over time.

Prior to joining SOAS, Mikal worked in the third sector, with a focus on developing mental health support for young asylum seekers and refugees through a trauma-informed and culturally relevant approach. She also worked as a consultant for Shabaka, a diaspora-focused research consultancy.

Research interests

  • African migration and diaspora
  • Transnational/diasporic engagement among second generations
  • Refugees' mental health