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Dr Moataz El Fegiery

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School of Law Senior Teaching Fellow
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BSc (Cairo University) PGD (American University in Cairo) MA, PhD (SOAS)
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Moataz El Fegiery has 10 years of professional experience working on human rights advocacy and promotion in the Middle East and North Africa. Mr. El Fegiery is from Egypt and he was the executive director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) and MENA Deputy Director of the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ). He was elected as a member of executive committee of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN).


  • (2016) Islamic Law and Human Rights: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Foreword by Bassam Tibi.

Academic Journals

  • (2013) ‘Apostasy and it Legal Implications in Egypt’, the Muslim world Journal of Human Rights.

Book Chapters

  • (2018) ‘Competing Perceptions: Traditional Values and Human Rights’, in Tursn Kayaoglu and Marie, Juul. Peterson (eds.) The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and Human Rights. University of Pennsylvania Press (forthcoming)
  • (2017) Taking Beliefs to Court s : Blasphemy, Heresy and Freedom of Expression under Islamic Law, Rafik Hariri Centre for the Middle East.
  • (2011) ‘Islamic Shari‘a and the Universality of Human Rights: Muslim Scholars’ schools and Approaches’, in Lis Dhundale, Bahey Eldin Hassan and Rasnus Alenius Boserup (eds.) Human Rights Across Cultural Dialogue. Copenhagen: Danish Institute for Human Rights.
  • (2011) ‘Egypt: Towards A New Constitutional and Political Order’ in Hard Choices: the EU’s Options in a Changing Middle East. Finish Institute of International Affairs.
  • (2010) Dunne, M., El Fegiery, M., and McInerney, S. ‘Egypt: Will Democracy Succeed the Pharaoh?’, in A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Support Development: Centre for International Governance Innovation.


Other Publications

  • (2014) ‘The Return to Authoritarianism and the Crisis of Citizenship Rights’
  • (2014) ‘Egypt’s Transition in Crisis: The Decline of Citizenship Rights’
  • (2014) ‘Truth and Reconciliation: Transitional Justice in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya’ FRIDE Policy Brief No.177;
  • (2013) El Fegiery, M and Saad, R. ‘Citizenship in Post-awakening Egypt: Power Shifts and Conflicting Perceptions’, European Policy Centre and Universitá L’Orientale.
  • (2013) El Fegiery, M and Saad, R.‘The Evolution of Citizenship Rights in Post-Revolutionary Egypt’, Policy Brief.
  • (2013) ‘The New Liberals: Can Egypt’s Civil Opposition Save the Revolution?’, FRIDE Policy Brief No155;
  • (2012) ‘A Tyranny of the Majority? Islamists’ Ambivalence about Human Rights’, FRIDE working papers No.113;
  • (2012) ‘Crunch Time of Egypt’s Civil-Military Relations’. FRIDE Policy brief No.134.

Research interests

  • Socio-legal studies

  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

  • International human rights law

  • Comparative constitutional law

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