'Bravo' - The Times on the Brunei Gallery's Aesthetics of Recycling exhibition

The Brunei Gallery’s Japanese Aesthetics of Recycling exhibition has been described as a “riposte” to "throwaway fashion” in today’s edition of The Times.

Laura Freeman, chief art critic for The Times, said: "In each glass case ordinary objects are made gorgeous through wear and repair. The texts are thoughtful and enlightening, and the environmental message runs through it all like a sashiko stitch, never shouting, but quietly insistent.”

Pictured above: Centre piece is a Boro Yogi - an oversized kimono-shaped duvet or sleeping bag. Left and right are Boro shikifuton used to cover the mattress or as padding for a futon - the late 19thCE - early 20thCE. Boro is a class of Japanese textiles that have been mended or patched together.

"This exhibition makes an art of repair. I left full of plans for ripped jeans, handle-less mugs and torn bedsheets. It is also a forgiving exhibition. The trick here isn’t invisible mending or can’t-see-the-joins joins. The joins are the whole point.”

The full review can be viewed at The Times (paywall).

The exhibition runs until 23 September.