Mr Thanos Petouris

Key information

BA Hons (Athens) MSc (SOAS)
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Thesis title
Revolutionary Politics in Aden and the Protectorates of South Arabia
under British Colonial Rule (1937–67)


Thanos Petouris has been researching the nationalist, anti-colonial movement in South Arabia and the subsequent decolonisation process from British rule in the years 1937–67. The aim of his study is to explore the development of the South Yemeni revolution by focusing on the the politics of the anti-colonial movement and its constituent organisations over the period that Aden was under direct British rule.
Thanos has been providing advice to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and DfID on Yemen since 2010, and was a regular contributor to the Yemen Forum at Chatham House. He has given lectures at the Universities of London (SOAS, LSE, Birkbeck), Harvard, Athens, Warwick, and Exeter, and was the convener of the “Yemen: Challenges for the Future” conference held at SOAS in 2013.
He has been visiting Yemen regularly since 2005. He has lived and worked in the country for almost three years based in Aden. He served as committee member of the British–Yemeni Society (2010–15) and is an Associate Member of the Hadhramaut Research Centre at the al-Ahqaf University in Mukalla, Yemen.

Research interests

  • Politics
  • History
  • Post-colonial Studies
  • Social Movements
  • Diasporas
  • Violence
  • Middle East
  • Yemen

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