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Veysi Dag is a research associate at the Department of Politics and International Studies. He is also a DFG research fellow at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests include studies of migration and diaspora; social movements and transnationalism; comparative politics with a focus on refugee and migration policies in Europe; peace-building and conflict transformation; and regional policy analysis with a focus on Middle Eastern politics and Kurdish-Turkish conflict.

Dag is author of the Construction of Kurdish Diaspora Communities and Identities: A Case Study of the Kurdish Refugees in Berlin and London. He has published his research in a wide range of media outlets such as openDemocracy, Jerusalem Post, The Conversation and Jadaliyya. Dag is preparing two books. His first book, Refugees Speak Out, is a form of an oral history project about the self-narratives of Kurdish refugees on the roots and the journey of their escape, as well as their adaptation process in Europe. His second book, Conditions, Opportunities and Constraints of Transnational Kurdish Diaspora Activism in Europe explores how transnational Kurdish Diaspora activism has evolved and what shapes its process.

Dag’s research has been supported by the EU-funded project Migration Governance and Asylum Crises (MAGYC), the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Dag is an analyst of the Kurdish Television channel, Ronahi TV and VOA Broadcasting in Kurdish. He was a visiting researcher at SOAS and the International Migration Institute (IMI) of Oxford University. He holds his Ph.D. and Diploma Degree from the Free University of Berlin.


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