School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Dr Yuri Stoyanov

Key information

School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Research Associate
School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics
MA (Sofia), PhD (The Warburg Institute, University of London)
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Research interests

  • Cosmologies, soteriologies and eschatologies of Zoroastriansim, Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Dualist, heretical, mystical, esoteric and apocalyptic trends in the Abrahamic faiths
  • Interplay and mutual influences of the Romano-Byzantine and Iranian worlds in antiquity and late antiquity
  • Islamic-Christian Religious and Cultural Syncretismss in Historical and Modern European, Arab and Iranian Contexts
  • Eastern Christian theologies and ideologies of warfare
  • Historical and modern Christian apocalyptic perceptions of Islam
  • Status of religious sites and cultural/archaeological reserve areas as well as the history and current situation of religious sectarian groups in minorities in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and Central Asia.


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