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Freedom of Information Publication Scheme: Guide to Information - How We Make Decisions

This section of the Publication Scheme covers information about SOAS's decision making processes and the record of decisions.

The list below provides a guide to the information published by SOAS which falls within this part of the Publication Scheme. Information is available in electronic form via the SOAS website unless otherwise indicated. For information on how to obtain copies of documents published by SOAS under the Publication Scheme and the charges which apply, see Ordering Copies.

1. Decision Making Framework

SOAS Calendar
Includes information on the  membership and remits of Governing Body and SOAS committees

Charter and Standing Orders
Remits and terms of reference of Governing Body and SOAS committees

2. Committee Minutes

Note on the availability of committee minutes and minutes of SOAS's Governing Body:

  • Open minutes are published on SOAS's website approximately one year after the end of the term or summer period to which they relate. Other committee records, including reserved minutes, open and reserved committee papers and agendas, and open minutes which are less than one year old, may be requested under the Freedom of Information Act (see Submitting a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information Request).
  • Minutes, agendas and papers of Governing Body and major SOAS committees which are over 30 years old are available for consultation free of charge on-site in the Special Collections Reading Room of the SOAS Library. See Special Collections' web pages for information on access and opening hours. Special Collections does not undertake detailed research for enquirers. If you are unable to visit to conduct your research in person, you can appoint an independent researcher to do so for you on payment of a fee to be agreed with you. Lists of independent researchers are available on the websites of the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives and the National Archives. The purpose of their research is to discover whether SOAS holds the information you seek and to obtain a copy or prepare a summary of it for you.

Governing Body
Minutes and membership of SOAS's Governing Body.

Web pages of current and former SOAS committees; guidance for committee chairs, members and secretaries.

3. Learning and Teaching Committee Minutes

Learning and Teaching Quality Committee

Learning and Teaching Policy Committee
Minutes of this defunct committee (succeeded by Learning and Teaching Quality Committee)

Arts and Humanities Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee

Languages and Cultures Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee

Law and Social Sciences Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee

4. Appointment Committees and Procedures

SOAS Calendar
Membership and terms of reference of Nominations Committee and promotions panels

Charter and Standing Orders
Terms of reference of Nominations Committee, procedures for the appointment of senior staff

Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Includes academic promotion procedures

Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and selection policies, procedures and guidance

Last updated December 2008