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Freedom of Information Publication Scheme: Guide to Information - What We Spend & How We Spend It - SOAS

This section of the Publication Scheme includes financial information on projected and actual income and expenditure, procurements, contracts and financial audit.

The list below provides a guide to the information published by SOAS which falls within this part of the Publication Scheme. Information is available in electronic form via the SOAS website unless otherwise indicated. For information on how to obtain copies of documents published by SOAS under the Publication Scheme and the charges which apply, see Ordering Copies.

1. Funding and Income

Annual Accounts - these can be found in the Annual Reports

2. Budgetary and Account Information

(Can be found in the Annual Report)

Executive Board Members' Expense Claims (from August 2011 to July 2015) - details of expenses claims by members of the School's Executive Board over each 6 month period of the School year are published. Note that expenses claims can only be made by staff who have incurred expense in the course of carrying out School business. The School's Travel and Subsistence Policy sets out the rules for making expense claims.

3. Financial Audit Reports

(Can be found in the Annual Report)
Includes the independent auditors' report to SOAS's Governing Body

4. Capital Programme

Estates and Infrastructure Strategy

Brunei Building Refurbishment

SOAS into Senate House

5. Financial Regulations and Procedures

Finance Documents
Includes links to SOAS's Financial Regulations, Budget Management and Procurement Guidelines, Travel and Subsistence Policy and VAT Guide.

General Conditions of Purchase

Internal Audit Responsibilities

6. Staff Pay and Grading Structures

Staff Forms/Information

Pay Scales

Senior Pay

7. Procurement and Contract Information

Finance Documents
Includes Budget Management and Procurement Guidelines

General Conditions of Purchase

Purchasing Department
Includes purchasing procedures and register of approved suppliers

Tenders Electronic Daily (Official Journal of the European Union website)
Access to current and previous tenders over the OJEU threshold

8. Research Funding

Details of research grant income

Annual Reports
Include details of major research grants

Our Research
Information on research projects

Research Office
Research applications and procedures

Last updated October 2019