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Freedom of Information Publication Scheme: Guide to Information - Who We Are & What We Do

This section of the Publication Scheme covers organisational information, structures, locations and contacts.

The following list provides a guide to the information published by SOAS which falls within this part of the Publication Scheme. Information is available in electronic form via the SOAS website unless otherwise indicated. For information on how to obtain copies of documents published by SOAS under the Publication Scheme and the charges which apply, see Ordering Copies.

1. Legal Framework

SOAS Charter and Standing Orders

University of London Governance (University of London website)
SOAS is a college of the University of London

2. How the Institution is Organised

SOAS Calendar
Includes SOAS's management and committee structures, details of staff and departments.

SOAS Charter and Standing Orders

Information about and minutes of SOAS committees

Governing Body
Information about and minutes of SOAS's Governing Body

Principal Office Holders

Administration and Services
Information about SOAS's service departments

Information about SOAS's three academic faculties

Information about SOAS's academic departments

Information about SOAS's regional and interdisciplinary centres.

3. Location and Contact Details

Useful Contacts

SOAS Calendar
Includes names, job titles and email addresses of staff

Telephone and Email Directory

Administration and Services
See departments' staff pages for contact details

See faculties' staff pages for contact details

See departments' staff pages for contact details

See centres' staff pages for contact details

4. Partnerships with Other Organisations

Bloomsbury Colleges (Bloomsbury Colleges website)
SOAS is a member of the Bloomsbury Colleges

SOAS Briefings and Consultancy
Includes information about clients

Centre for Music and Dance Performance Research
A collaboration between SOAS's Department of Music, the Department of Dance Studies, University of Surrey and the School of Arts at Roehampton University.

Creative Connexions
UK government funded initiative supporting links between the creative industries and China and India, in which SOAS is one of the consortium partners.

Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project (project website)
A project based at SOAS and funded by Arcadia which aims to document endangered languages, train language documenters, preserve and disseminate documentation materials, and support endangered languages.

London Confucius Institute
A non profit making organisation aiming to promote Chinese language learning and teaching and the understanding of Chinese culture, set up under an agreement between Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International) and SOAS.

London International Development Centre (LIDC website)
The Centre undertakes interdisciplinary research and training to tackle complex problems in international development, and is a collaboration between SOAS and other Bloomsbury Colleges.

London Middle East Institute
A registered charity based at SOAS, governed by a Board of Trustees chaired by the Director and Principal of SOAS, which provides teaching, training, research, publication, consultancy, outreach and other services relating to the Middle East. 

Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures
An independent entity affiliated with the University of East Anglia in association with SOAS, which aims to promote the study of the material and visual cultures of the Japanese archipelago.

SOAS-UCL Centre of Excellence in the Teaching and Learning of Languages of the Wider World
a HEFCE-funded collaboration between SOAS and UCL, which aims to promote and support excellence in the teaching and learning of languages that do not have a large presence in UK.

University of London (University of London website)
SOAS is a college of the University of London

5. Student Activities

Student Life

SOAS Students' Union
The Students' Union is a legally separate entity which is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act.

SOAS Students' Union constitution

Last updated December 2008