Centre for Sustainable Finance, Department of Economics & College of Development, Economics and Finance

Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Development in Thailand

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  • 2023–2024


This project, which is conducted in collaboration with Theia Finance Labs and the University of Oxford, aims at supporting the Bank of Thailand in climate-related issues and transition risk in particular. 

The overarching role is to evaluate and improve the ability of the Thai financial system to address climate-related risks and support the transition to a clean, climate-resilient economy. The project seeks to contribute to enhanced and sustained action on net zero by building the capacity and capability of the Thai central bank and Thai financial institutions to design and implement the green finance frameworks needed to align financial flows with net zero goals. It drives behavioural change by increasing awareness and knowledge of the role of finance in low-carbon development and the available instruments to achieve this, including through learning from best practice globally and across the region. 

The project builds capacity and capability through targeted training and technical assistance, including the co-development of a transition risk stress test and the datasets and toolkits required by the Bank of Thailand and Thai financial institutions for analysing climate-related transition risks and opportunities.

Header image credit: Andreas Brücker via Unsplash.