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Ms Christina Laskaridis

BA (York), MSc (SOAS University of London)
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Ms Christina Laskaridis
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Towards a History of Debt Sustainability: Theory, Policy and Measurement (working title)
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Christina is a PhD candidate in Economics at SOAS, University of London, and was a Research Fellow at Duke University’s Center for the History of Political Economy. Alongside her PhD Christina is one the historians of economics helping to produce the podcast Ceteris Never Paribus, and co-convenes the The Politics of Economics seminar series at the University of Cambridge.

Christina uses her expertise to provide consultancy work on debt and development issues. Recently, she has worked with UNCTAD's Debt and Development Division, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and NGOs on sovereign debt in low income countries.

PhD Research

The thesis examines how debt crisis resolution initiatives have evolved over the nineteenth and twentieth century with an emphasis on the post war period and the role of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The thesis provides a framework regarding the emergence and evolution of debt sustainability, examining the interaction between policy initiatives, theoretical developments and measurement tools.


Recent Peer-reviewed journal articles

Stubbs, T., Kring, W., Laskaridis, C., Kentikelenis, A., Gallagher, K., (2020) ‘Whatever it takes? The global financial safety net, Covid-19, and developing countries’, World Development, Vol 137
Laskaridis, C (2020), 'Ricardo and his contemporaries on the national debt and monetary reform', Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Vol. 38A
Bonizzi, B., Laskaridis., C and Toporowski., J (2019), 'Global liquidity, private actors and debt sustainability across Sub Saharan Africa', Development and Change, Vol 50 (5).
Laskaridis, C. and Syrmaloglou., A, (2019), 'Two Sticks and One Carrot: Public Debt and the International Financial Commission in Greece 1854-1859', Œconomia – History, Methodology, Philosophy Vol 9 (4).

Book Chapters

Laskaridis, C,, Legrand N. and Toussaint, E. (2020) 'Historical Perspectives on Current Struggles Against Illegitimate Debt' in P. Mader, D. Mertens and N. Van der Zwan (eds), International Handbook of Financialization, London: Routledge.
Coutts, K. and Laskaridis, C (2019) 'Financial balances and the development of the Ethiopian Economy', in F. Cheru, C. Cramer and A. Oqubay (eds) The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy

Reports and Working papers

Bonizzi, B., Laskaridis, C., and Griffiths., J, (2020) 'Private Lending and debt risks of low-income countries', Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London UK
Bayliss, K., Bonizzi, B., Dimakou, O., Laskaridis, C., Sial, F. and Van Waeyenberge E. (2020) 'The use of development funds for de-risking private investment: how effective is it in delivering development results?' Directorate-General for External Policies, European Parliament,
Bonizzi, B., Laskaridis, C., and Toporowski J., (2015) 'Developing countries external debt and international financial integration', FESSUD Working Paper Series, No. 121



  • 2019 History of Economics Society, Columbia University
  • 2019 IIPPE, Sciences Po, Lille
  • 2018 The History of Economic Thought Society, University of Oxford
  • 2017 UNCTAD, International Conference on Debt Management, YSI session, UN Palais des Nations, Geneva
  • 2017 Royal Economic Society, Annual Conference, University of Bristol


  • Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University
  • The History of Economic Thought Society
  • The Politics of Economics seminar series, University of Cambridge


  • Macroeconomics (SOAS)

  • Economic Development of Africa (SOAS)

  • History of Economic Thought (UCL)


  • Political Economy of Sovereign Debt

  • International Organisations

  • Development Economics

  • History of Economics

  • Quantification in the Social Sciences