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Dr Dara Salam

MA (London), MPhil (London), PhD (Rome and London)
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Dara Salam
Department of Politics and International Studies

Teaching Fellow

London Middle East Institute (LMEI)


Dr Dara Salam
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Dara Salam is a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies. He received his PhD from the Centre for Ethics and Global Politics at LUISS University. In the meantime, he was a full-time visiting PhD researcher at King’s College London. He completed his MA and MPhil in Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London. Prior to joining SOAS, Dara was a Visiting Scholar in the Centre for Culture and Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

Dara’s research interests are in political theory, both normative and historical with an emphasis on comparative political thought that informs the research on different philosophical traditions. He is also interested in Middle East politics and governance and he has published scholarly articles and opinion pieces in different media outlets and has written on the Kurdish issue. He has researched the relationship between religion, politics and secularism, and is interested in the research on social movements and the public sphere.

He has published book chapters and articles in Philosophy & Social Criticism, Political Studies Review, The Review of Politics and Public Reason. He has presented papers in several international conferences in Japan, Beirut, New Delhi, Turkey, Italy and UK. He has convened and taught a course, Islam and the West, at Syracuse University, London program.



Political Theory; Comparative Political Thought; Religion and Secularism; Middle East politics; Kurdish question.



Salam, Dara (2019) 'Public Reason: A Stranger in Non-Liberal and Religious Societies?'. Philosophy and Social Criticism, (45) 1, pp 3-26.

Book Chapters

Salam, Dara (2018) 'Disambiguating the Idea of Public Sphere and Secularism in the Middle East'. In: Haddad, Tania and Al Hindy, Elie, (eds.), Religion and Civil Society in the Arab World: In the Vortex of Globalization and Tradition. London: Routledge India.

Salam, Dara (2016) 'Religious Exemptions and Freedom of Conscience'. In: Bardon, Aurelia and Birnbaum, Maria and Lee, Lois and Stoeckl, Kristina, (eds.), Religious pluralism : a resource book. florence: European University Institute.

Salam, Dara (2010) 'Against Perpetual War: Kant’s Arguments for Achieving Perpetual Peace'. Applied Ethics: Challenges for the 21st Century. Sapporo: Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Hokkaido University, Japan.

Book Reviews

Salam, Dara (2020) 'Benjamin R. Hertzberg: Chains of Persuasion: A Framework for Religion in Democracy'. The Review of Politics, (82) 3, pp 505-508.

Salam, Dara (2012) 'Philosophy and Real Politics - By Raymond Geuss'. Political Studies Review, (10) 2, pp 243-243.

Salam, Dara (2011) 'Gillian Brock, Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account'. Public Reason, (3) 1.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Salam, Dara (2020) It is time for a system overhaul in Iraq’s Kurdish region.

Salam, Dara (2020) Turkey’s Invasion of Northeast Syria and the Failure of US Foreign Policy.


Salam, Dara (2019) 'Will protests herald a new era in Iraqi politics?' Atlantic Council Blogs.

Salam, Dara (2017) 'Independent Kurdistan might give Middle East a new vision. Interview with The News on Sunday.' The News on Sunday.

Salam, Dara (2017) 'Vad händer i Kurdistan efter självständighetsomröstningen?'.

Salam, Dara (2016) 'Iraq’s Kurdistan government needs a public debate on independence' Open Democracy.

Salam, Dara (2014) 'Iraq: Between Radicalization and Sectarianism' Political Theology Network.


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