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Mr Micha Wiebusch

MA (Geneva), LLM (Antwerp/Cape Town), Certificate of International and Comparative Law (Paris), LLB (Antwerp)
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Mr Micha Wiebusch
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The Emerging Normative Framework of the African Union on Constitutionalism – The Legal Process and the Contribution to Peace, Security and Democratic State Building
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The objective of the research is to examine the norms and institutions developed under the auspices of the African Union related to the promotion of constitutional rule on the continent. The thesis focuses on the possibilities these norms and institutions offer to the AU to undertake collective action towards peace, security and democratic state-building through the prerequisite of constitutionalism. 

The research concentrates on 

  1. the emerging normative framework, 
  2. the rationale behind it, and 
  3. the effectiveness or the potential effectiveness of these norms.  

In this context attention will be paid to 

  1. the enforcement and sanctioning mechanisms (legal, but also political and diplomatic), and 
  2. the interplay between the international and domestic legal order. 

The background aim of the project is to provide normative guidelines which may be used by policy makers at national and international level to develop a coherent and sustainable culture of constitutionalism and to promote the rule of law as part of the wider process of state-building.


Regional Integration in Africa; Peace and Conflict Studies; Governance and Accountability; Public International Law; Transitional Justice; Law of International Organisations; Human Rights; Humanitarian Law; International Criminal Law; Law of Treaties.