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Dr André Singer
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André Singer was awarded his doctorate from Oxford University as an anthropologist
and has subsequently followed a twin-track career in both anthropology and

As an anthropologist, his research was in Iran and Afghanistan where his fieldwork in
1970/71 was on the sedentarisation of pastoral Timuri nomads in Kurasan province of
Iran. Other field visits to Afghanistan and Pakistan lead to publications including Lords
of the Khyber (1984) and The Pathans (1982).

He has now been in the documentary film world for over forty years as researcher,
producer, director, executive producer and commissioning editor. His experience runs
from being Series Editor of Disappearing World, to heading the BBC Documentary
Department’s Independent Unit where he set up the Fine Cut series (later to become
Storyville) and worked with such international filmmakers as Jean Rouch, Werner
Herzog, David MacDougal, Vikram Jayanti, D.B. Pennebaker, Mike Grigsby, Bob Drew
and Fred Wiseman. In the past decade Singer has executive produced The Secret
Life of Uri Geller by Vikram Jayanti for BBC2, We Went to War by the late Mike
Grigsby, Dreams of a Life by Carol Morley, the multiple award-winning and Oscar
nominated diptych The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence by Josh Oppenheimer;
City 40 by Samira Goetzels; and They Will Have to Kill Us First by Johanna
Schwartz. As director,he specialised for many years in anthropological films including
The Pathans, Witchcraft Among the Azande, The Goddess and the Computer,
The Kazakhs of China, and the Stranger’s Abroad series. His more recent film as
director, Night Will Fall (following the restoration and release of the 1945 US and UK
government propaganda film ‘German Concentration Camps, a Factual Survey’ has
been a major festival and broadcast success winning two Focal Awards, the Royal
Television Society Award, the Peabody Award and the Emmy for best history

In 2016 he produced the Werner Herzog film (with whom he has collaborated on 14
other productions) about mankind’s relationship with volcanoes (Into the Inferno); and
directed a film (Where the Wind Blew) about nuclear weapon testing in Kazakhstan
and Nevada which won the Raven Award for best Documentary Feature at DocUtah in
2017. His latest film, co-directed with Werner Herzog, is about the legacy of Mikhail
Gorbachev (Meeting Gorbachev) completed in 2018 and due to be broadcast in 2019.
André Singer is CEO of London-based production company, Spring Films Ltd,
and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at the University of Southern
California, Los Angeles. From 2014 to 2018 he was President of the Royal
Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

PhD Research


André Singer roles: Director unless stated as follows: [P] = Producer; [SP] = Series Producer; [EP] = Executive Producer; [R] = Researcher/anthropologist

*= part of the Disappearing World series of which André Singer was Series Editor between 1980 – 1983.

  • WHERE THE WIND BLOWS 1x90  (2018)
  • INTO THE INFERNO directed by Werner Herzog [P] (2016)
  • THEY WILL HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST directed by Johanna Schwartz [EP] (2016)
  • FAMILY GOLDMINE directed by Robbie Fraser for BBC Scotland [EP] (2015)
  • THE LOOK OF SILENCE directed by Josh Oppenheimer [EP] (2015)
  • THE ACT OF KILLING directed by Josh Oppenheimer [EP] (2013)
  • Series Consultant on BBC’s 15-part ‘Tribe’ series between (2006/7)
  • THE WHITE DIAMOND directed by Werner Herzog [EP] (2004)
  • THE WHEEL OF TIME directed by Werner Herzog [EP] (2003)
  • PIPE DREAMS directed by David Goodale for BBC2 [EP] (2000)
  • FORBIDDEN RITES  3x 1hr series ; director and Series Producer for National Geographic (1999)
  • DIVINE MAGIC  8x 1hr for C4/Discovery/RTE; [SP]  (1994-6)
  • MILLENIUM 8x1hr presented by David Maybury-Lewis for BBC2/KCET ; (1993) [EP]
  • MEMORIES AND DREAMS directed by Melissa Llewellyn-Davies for BBC [EP] (1992)
  • TIME OF THE BARMEN directed by David MacDougall for BBC [EP/SP] (1993)
  • MADAME L’EAU directed by Jean Rouch for BBC [EP/co-P] (1992)
  • OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND directed by Gil Cardinal for BBC [SP/EP] (1992)
  • HOBO directed by John T Davis for BBC [EP/SP] (1991)
  • MY CRASY LIFE directed by Jean-Pierre Gorin for BBC [SP/EP] (1992)
  • BITTER THORNS directed by Nick Gifford for BBC [EP/SP] (1991)
  • IMPERFECT JOURNEY directed by Haile Gerima for BBC [EP/SP] (1991)
  • IN SEARCH OF BUDDHA directed by Paolo Brunatto for BBC [EP/SP] (1992)
  • THE HANGING GARDENS OF ARABIA director for C4 (1990)
  • THE LAST NAVIGATOR director for C4/WGBH ; (1989)
  • THE GODESS AND THE COMPUTER director for C4/WGBH (1988)
  • STRANGERS ABROAD 6x1hr director and series producer for C4 (1986)
  • THE ROAD TO ITANG directed by Andy Harries for C4/UNHCR [P] (1984)
  • A MAN WITHOUT A HORSE producer/director for BBC World About Us (1984)
  • THE LOST TRIBES producer/director for C4/UNHCR (1984)
  • THE CAMP ON LANTAU ISLAND producer/director for C4/UNHCR (1984)
  • LIVING WITH THE REVOLUTION*directed by Leslie Woodhead for ITV [SP/EP] (1983)
  • THE NEWEST REVOLUTION* directed by Leslie Woodhead for ITV [SP/EP] (1983)
  • THE KAZAKHS OF CHINA* producer/director for ITV (1983) [US version called THE HORSEMEN OF CHINA* (WGBH Boston) (1986)]
  • ASANTE MARKET WOMEN* directed by Claudia Milne  for ITV  [SP/EP] (1982)
  • THE KWEGU* produced and directed by Leslie Woodhead for ITV [SP/EP](1982)
  • WITCHCRAFT AMONG THE AZANDE* directed for ITV (1982)
  • CARNIVAL* directed by Carlos Pasini for ITV [P] 1982
  • AFGHAN EXODUS* produced and directed for ITV (1980)
  • THE PATHANS*  produced and directed for ITV (1979)
  • KHYBER* produced and directed for ITV  (1979)
  • BLACK MAN’S BURDEN produced for ITV (1975)
  • THE KIRGHIZ OF AFGHANISTAN* directed by Charlie Nairn for ITV [R/A] (1975)
  • THE SHILLUK* directed by Chris Curling for ITV [R/A] (1975)
  • THE MURSI *directed by Leslie Woodhead for ITV [R] (1974)
  • THE DERVISHES OF KURDISTAN* directed by Brian Moser for ITV [R/A] (1973)

(These films garnered awards from BAFTA (Best Series); International Film and Television Festival, New York – two silver and one bronze medals; Grand Prix de Festival at Festival Internationale du Film Reportage, Luchon; 1st Blue Ribbon Award at American Film Festival)



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