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Professor Hong Bo

BA Economics (Lanzhou) MSc Economics (LSE) PhD Economics (Groningen)
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Hong Bo
School of Finance and Management

Professor in Financial Economics

SOAS China Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS China Institute

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Professor Hong Bo
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Hong Bo is a Professor in financial economics at the School of Finance & Management SOAS University of London. Prof. Bo received her degrees in Economics from Lanzhou University of China (BA), Renmin University of China (MSc), London School of Economics and Political Science UK (MSc.), and University of Groningen the Netherlands (PhD). Before joining SOAS in 2004, she was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Groningen. Prof. Bo’s research covers topics in financial economics, including firm investment decisions under uncertainty, capital market imperfections, comparative financial systems, corporate finance, corporate governance, and the Chinese economy. She has published in internationally well-recognized academic journals, including Journal of Corporate Finance, Review of Finance (formerly European Finance Review), Journal of Banking and Finance, Economica, Regional Studies, European Journal of Finance, and International Review of Financial Analysis, etc. Over the years, Prof Bo’s PhD supervision has covered various topics on the Chinese financial system and the corporate sector. Finished and ongoing PhD projects include investment behaviour of Chinese firms; seasoned equity offering of Chinese firms; China’s private equity market; corporate bond market in China; China’s overseas infrastructure investment; Interaction between African firms and Chinese firms in Africa; International activities of Chinese banks; and China’s peer to peer lending market. Prof. Bo also has experience in academic management, having been associate dean and associate director for learning and teaching at SOAS University of London between 2016-2019. In addition to her responsibilities at SOAS, Prof. Bo has also actively engaged with the general public regarding knowledge transfer beyond SOAS by delivering public lectures for industries, providing executive training for officials in international organisations, and teaching for other universities both in the UK and overseas. She has also provided expert commentary for the media including BBC World News (Business Live; Asian Business Report), CNBC Europe Closing Bell, Sky News, TRT WORLD, RT TV, and CCTV dialogue, etc.


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Alina Shoaib, The impact of Chinese infrastructure OFDI on host country economy and domestic firm performance
  • Chih-Wei Chang, The Impact of Audit Quality on the CSR Disclosure and Performance
  • Rodiat Lawal Yetunde, China-Africa Interactions: Infrastructure investment
  • Shuai Shao, Peer-to-peer lending platforms and SME financing in China
  • Surina, International Activities of Chinese Banks


  • Firm Investment Decision under Uncertainty
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Capital Market Imperfections
  • China


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Regional Expertise
  • East Asia
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  • China



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Book Chapters

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Bo, Hong and Xu, Boying (2015) 'Accounting Performance Inflated by Private Equity before IPOs: Evidence from Chinese Firms'. In: Cumming, Douglas and Firth, Michael and Hou, Wenxuan and Lee, Edward, (eds.), Sustainable Entrepreneurship in China: Ethics, Corporate Governance, and Institutional Reforms. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 127-157.

Bo, Hong and Driver, Ciaran (2012) 'Agency Theory, Corporate Governance, and Finance'. In: Dietrich, M. and Krafft, J., (eds.), Handbook on the Economics and Theory of the Firm. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.


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