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Professor Deborah Johnston

BA MSc (Cantab), PhD (London)
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Deborah Johnston
Legal & Governance Directorate

Pro-Director (Learning and Teaching)

Department of Economics

Professor of Development Economics

SOAS Food Studies Centre

Advisory Committee Member, SOAS Food Studies Centre

Fair Trade, Employment and Poverty Reduction Research

Research Project Member

Industrial Development and Policy

Research Cluster Member

International Financial Institutions, Neoliberalism and Knowledge

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Centre for Gender Studies


Professor Deborah Johnston
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Professor Deborah Johnston is Pro-Director (Learning and Teaching) and Professor in Development Economics at SOAS, University of London. She leads on SOAS's Learning Teaching and Student Experience Strategy, which includes our work on the teaching excellence, inclusion and curriculum review.  Her academic work focuses on the political economy of food and nutrition, the analysis and measurement of poverty, and the interrelationship between economics, labour markets and health.  Before joining academia in 2003, she worked internationally as an economist in a number of policy roles, including in the Ministry of Finance, Lesotho, the Land and Agriculture Policy Centre, South Africa, and the Department of Trade and Industry, UK.  She has worked as a consultant with a number of organisations, including the Agency for Cooperation and Development, World Bank, IFPRI, Bank of England, UK National Institute for Economic and Social Research and DFID.


PhD Students supervised
  • Gabriel Pollen , Total Factor Productivity Growth Applications in a Developing Country: Does the case of Zambia validate or repudiate its realism? (Working Title)

Completed PhD students:

  • Anthony Booker (2014) ‘The Transformation of Traditional Asian Medical Knowledge into International Commodities – the Link between Traditional Medicines and the International Market’  Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy University College London, School of Pharmacy.  Supervisors: Prof Michael Heinrich (UCL) and Deborah Johnston.
  • Jason Moyer-Lee (2013) 'Agricultural Global Value Chains: The case of tobacco in Malawi', PhD thesis, SOAS University of London.  Supervisor: Dr Deborah Johnston.
  • Kevin Deane (2013) 'A socio-economic analysis of HIV: Exploring the relationship between population mobility and HIV risk in Tanzania', PhD thesis, SOAS University of London. Supervisors: Dr Deborah Johnston, Dr Justin Parkhurst (LSHTM).
  • Batura, Neha (2013) The determinants and impact of long-term child undernutrition: evidence from rural Tanzania. PhD thesis. SOAS, University of London. Supervisor: Dr Deborah Johnston.
  • Mausumi Mahapatro – (2013) An analysis of land, migration and rural differentiation : a case study in Bangladesh.  PhD thesis.  Supervisor: Dr Deborah Johnston.
  • Alexandre Abreu (2012) Migration and development in contemporary Guinea-Bissau : a political economy approach.  Supervisors: Dr Deborah Johnston and Prof Jane Harrigan.
  • Nicola Pontara (2010) A critical examination of theoretical and methodological approaches to low-income country labour markets: a case study of Mauritania.  Supervisors: Prof Christopher Cramer, Dr Deborah Johnston.
  • Erin Boyd (2009) Intra- and extra-household decisions with regard to energy consumption: the case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  PhD thesis, SOAS University of London.  Supervisors: Dr Deborah Johnston, Dr Ben Groom.
Applied microeconomics in Africa, the development of macroeconomic theory and the relationship between growth and development.


  • Food, nutrition and agriculture
  • Rural poverty and labour markets. Land reform and development. Poverty, development and HIV/Aids.
  • Member of editorial board for Journal of Agrarian Change
  • Member of advisory board for SOAS Centre of Food Studies
  • Member of management committee for Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health
  • Co-investigator in Fair Trade, Employment and Poverty Reduction Project,, a four-year DFID funded project looking at the impact of Fairtrade on wage workers in tea, coffee and cutflower production in Uganda and Ethiopia
  • Other research projects:
    - WHO PMNCH ‘Strategy Briefs on Cross Sectoral Approaches to Women's and Children's Health: Agriculture/Food and Nutrition’, September 2013 – October 2013.  PI: Deborah Johnston.
    - DFID-funded – ‘Current and Planned Research on Agriculture for Improved Nutrition: A Mapping and a Gap Analysis’, March 2012 to July 2012. Principal Investigator: Dr. Corinna Hawkes (LCIRAH).  Co-investigators: (LCIRAH) Rachel Turner; Elaine Ferguson; Deborah Johnston; Bhavani Shankar; Jeff Waage.  University of Aberdeen: Farhana Haseen; Hilary Homans; Julia Hussein; Debbi Marais; Geraldine McNeill.
    - Foresight-funded – ‘Understanding and Improving the Relationship between Agriculture and Health’, June 2009-June 2010.  Principal Investigator: Prof Jeff Waage (LCIRAH/SOAS). Co-investigators: Alan Dangour; Sophie Hawkesworth, Deborah Johnston, Karen Lock, Nigel Poole, Jonathan Rushton, Ricardo Uauy.
    - British Academy Small Grant - 'Farmwork and food: understanding women's employment and the shift to purchased food in Ethiopia', May 2014 to Sept 2014.  PI: Deborah Johnston.
    - Danish Strategic Fund - 'Healthy and Affordable Protein for the African Middle-Class'.  WP6 April 2015-April 2017: Consumer preferences and communication of product health properties in the West African market. WP-leader: Deborah Johnston.
    - IFPRI/LCIRAH - 'Women’s time use, food consumption and nutrition - a mixed studies review'. May 2014-April 2015.  PI: Deborah Johnston.  Co-investigators: Elizabeth Hull (SOAS, LCIRAH), Suneetha Kadiyala (LCIRAH, LSHTM), Hazel Malapit (IFPRI, A4NH), Sara Stevano (LCIRAH, SOAS).


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Authored Books

Johnston, Deborah (2013) Economics and HIV: The Sickness of Economics. London: Routledge.

Johnston, Deborah (1996) Lesotho. Oxford, England; Santa Barbara, Calif.: Clio Press.


Stevano, Sara and Johnston, Deborah and Codjoe, Emmanuel (2020) 'Better decisions for food security? Critical reflections on the economics of food choice and decision-making in development economics'. Cambridge Journal of Economics. [Forthcoming]

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Book Chapters

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Monographs and Working Papers

Johnston, Deborah and Stevano, Sara and Malapit, Hazel and Hull, Elizabeth and Kadiyala, Suneetha (2015) Agriculture, Gendered Time Use, and Nutritional Outcomes: A Systematic Review. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

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