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Dr Song Lianyi

BA (Beijing), MA (Bangor), PhD(London)
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Chinese Language Pedagogy; Discourse Analysis; Applied Linguistics in Chinese


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Authored Books

Song, Lianyi and Scurfield, E (1999) Teach Yourself Beginners Chinese Script. Chicago, Il: McGraw-Hill.

Song, Lianyi and Scurfield, E (1996) Teach Yourself Beginners Chinese. London: Hodder and Stoughton.


Song, Lianyi (2013) '教无定法、学有所值,《世界汉语教学学会学会通讯》,2013年第2期,20-24页'. 《世界汉语教学学会学会通讯》, (2013) 第2期, pp 22-24.

Song, Lianyi (2007) 'A Reflection on the practice in Chinese teachers’ training in the UK'. Overseas Chinese Education, (3), pp 70-73.

Song, Lianyi (2000) 'An Investigation into the Feasibility of Emphasising Reading and De-emphasising Writing Characters in Teaching Chinese'. Selected Papers for the Sixth International Symposium on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, pp 114-119.

Edited Books or Journals

Yi, Hongchuan and Song, Lianyi, (eds.), (2011) Chinese English Pocket Dictionary. Yunnan, China: Yunnan People’s Press [云南人民出版社].

Book Chapters

Song, Lianyi (2002) 'An analysis of difficulty of Chinese grammar points from the learners' point of view' (in Chinese)'. In: Zhang, D and Li, X, (eds.), Teaching Chinese to Native Speakers of English. Beijing: People's Education Press (China), pp 74-81.

Book Reviews

Song, Lianyi (2002) 'Book review of "The Chinese Lexicon: a comprehensive survey" by YIP Po-Ching'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (65) 1, pp 229-231.


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