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Tomlinson, Tom (2003) 'What Was the Third World?'. Journal of Contemporary History, (38) 2, pp 307-21.

Tomlinson, Tom (2002) 'From Campsie to Kedgeree: Scottish Enterprise, Asian Trade and the Company Raj'. Modern Asian Studies, (36) 4, pp 769-791.

Tomlinson, Tom (2002) 'Jigyo no Teikoku: Ajia ni okeru Igirisu no shogyo nettowaku, boeki, sokin'. Bulletin of Asian-Pacific Studies, (vol. X), pp 99-118.

Tomlinson, Tom (2001) 'The Empire of Enterprise: Scottish Business Networks in Asian Trade, 1793-1810'. KIU Journal of Economics and Business Studies, (8), pp 67-83.

Book Chapters

Tomlinson, Tom (2006) 'Niju Seiki Minami Ajia ni okeru Teikoku to Hegemon. [Empire and Hegemon in Twentieth-Century South Asia]'. In: Shoichi, W., (ed.), Teikoku no Shuen to Amerika: Ajia Kokusai Chitsujo no Saihen [The End of Empires and the United States of America: The Reconstruction of the International Order in Asia]. Tokyo: Yamakawa Shuppansha, pp 22-45.

Tomlinson, Tom (2003) 'Economic change and the formation of states and nations in South Asia, 1919-1947: India and Pakistan'. In: Teichova, A. and Matis, H., (eds.), Nation State and the Economy in History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 291-307.

Tomlinson, Tom (2003) 'The British Economy and the Empire, 1900-1939'. In: Wrigley, C., (ed.), A Companion to Early Twentieth-Century Britain. Oxford: Blackwell, pp 198-211.

Conference Items

Tomlinson, B.R. (Tom) (2002) 'The Erosion of a Relationship? Indo-British Economic Connections, 1930-1970' In: Conference on Hegemonic Transition in Asia, 1930 to 1970, 3-7 Sept 2002, Osaka, Japan. [Unpublished]


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