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Professor Salwa Ismail

BA (American University in Cairo), MA (McMaster), PhD (McGill)
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Salwa Ismail
Department of Politics and International Studies

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Professor Salwa Ismail
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Authored Books

Ismail, Salwa (2018) The Rule of Violence: Subjectivity, Memory and Government in Syria. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ismail, Salwa (2006) Rethinking Islamist Politics: Culture, the State and Islamism. London: I. B. Tauris.

Ismail, Salwa (2006) Political Life in Cairo's New Quarters. Encountering the Everyday State. Minneapolis, MI: University of Minnesota Press.

Ismail, Salwa (2003) Rethinking Islamist Politics. Culture, the State and Islamism. London: I.B. Tauris.


Ismail, Salwa (2022) 'Urban Spatial Politics and Collective Action in Revolutionary Cairo: Counter Spaces and Paradoxes of Mobilisation'. Political Geography, (98) 102716.

Ismail, Salwa (2013) 'Urban Subalterns in the Arab Revolutions: Cairo and Damascus in Comparative Perspective'. Comparative Studies in Society and History, (55) 4, pp 865-894.

Ismail, Salwa (2013) 'Piety, Profit and the Market in Cairo: A Political Economy of Islamisation'. Contemporary Islam, (7) 1, pp 107-128.

Ismail, Salwa (2012) 'The Egyptian Revolution against the Police'. Social Research, (79) 2, pp 435-462.

Ismail, Salwa (2011) 'The Syrian Uprising: Imagining and Performing the Nation'. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, (11) 3, pp 538-549.

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Ismail, Salwa (2011) 'Authoritarian Government, Neo-Liberalism and Everyday Civilities in Egypt.'. Third World Quarterly, (32) 5, pp 845-862.

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Ismail, Salwa (1995) 'State-Society Relations in Egypt: Restructuring the Political'. Arab Studies Quarterly, (17) 3, pp 39-54.

Book Chapters

Ismail, Salwa (2014) 'The Politics of the Urban Everyday in Cairo: Infrastructures of Oppositional Action'. In: Parnell, Susan and Sophie, Oldfield, (eds.), The Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South. New York: Routledge, pp 269-280.

Ismail, Salwa (2009) 'Youth, Gender and the State in Cairo: Marginalized Masculinities and Contested Spaces'. In: Khalaf, Samir and Khalaf, Roseanne, (eds.), Arab Society and Culture. London: Saqi.

Ismail, Salwa (2009) 'Changing Social Structure, Shifting Alliances and Authoritarianism in Syria'. In: Lawson, Fred H., (ed.), Demystifying Syria. London: Saqi Press, pp 13-28.

Ismail, Salwa (2009) 'Producing ‘Reformed Islam’: A Saudi Contribution to the US Projects of Global Governance'. In: al-Rasheed, Madawi, (ed.), Kingdom Without Borders. London; New York: Hurst and Columbia University Press, pp 113-133.

Ismail, Salwa (2008) 'Being Muslim: Islam, Islamism and Identity Politics'. In: Khalili, Laleh, (ed.), Politics of the Modern Arab World. London: Routledge Publications.

Ismail, Salwa (2004) 'The Politics of Historical Revisionism: New Re-readings of the Founding Period of Islam'. In: Browers, Michaelle and Kurzman, Charles, (eds.), An Islamic Reformation?. Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, pp 101-124.

Ismail, Salwa (2004) 'Is there an Islamic Conception of Politics?'. In: Leftwich, Adrian, (ed.), What is Politics?. London: Polity, pp 147-167.

Ismail, Salwa (2003) 'Islamic Political Thought'. In: Ball, T. and Bellamy, R., (eds.), The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Political Thought. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 579-601.

Ismail, Salwa (1995) 'Democracy in Contemporary Arab Intellectual Discourse'. In: Brynen, Rex and Korany, Bahgat and Noble, Paul, (eds.), Political Liberalization and Democratization in the Arab World. Vol.1: Theoretical Perspectives. Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Reinner, pp 93-111.

Monographs and Working Papers

Ismail, Salwa (2015) The Resurgence of Police Government in Egypt. POMEPS Studies.

Ismail, Salwa (1994) Radical Islamism in Egypt: Discursive Struggle. Montreal: Inter-University Consortium for Arab Studies.


Ismail, Salwa (2011) 'Days of Anger' Index on Censorship, 40.


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