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Dr Manjeet Ramgotra

PhD in Political Theory (LSE), BA French and Political Science (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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Manjeet Ramgotra
Department of Politics and International Studies

Admissions Tutor: MSc Political Thought

Dr Manjeet Ramgotra
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Manjeet Ramgotra studied Politics and French at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and after living in France for a number of years, she wrote a PhD in political theory at the LSE on the conservative roots of republicanism in the history of western political thought.  More recently, her research has developed to examine republicanism in the twentieth-century post-colonial moment, notably in the founding of the Indian republic. Manjeet is a strong advocate of decolonising the curriculum and has reconceptualized her teaching to include more women, people of colour and to reconsider how we construct knowledge. 

Off campus office hours: Wednesday 2:00pm - 3:00pm via MS Teams @ManjeetRamgotra. Please book here 



Manjeet Ramgotra’s research focuses on a critical interpretation of republicanism in the thought of Cicero, Machiavelli and Montesquieu. She further examines recent understandings of republicanism in twentieth-century postcolonial republican foundings. Currently, she is working on republicanism in India's anti-colonial movement and on the languages of republicanism. Her published work includes analyses of the conservative roots of republicanism, republic and empire in Montesquieu's political thought and Nehru's post-colonial republicanism.



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Ramgotra, Manjeet (2022) 'Time, modernity and space: Montesquieu’s and Constant’s ancient/modern binaries'. History of European Ideas, (48) 3, pp 263-279.

Ramgotra, Manjeet and Morreira, Shannon and Luckett, Kathy and Kumalo, Siseko H. (2020) 'Confronting the complexities of decolonising curricula and pedagogy in higher education'. Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, (5) 1/2, pp 1-18.

Ramgotra, Manjeet (2018) 'Post-Colonial Republicanism and the Revival of a Paradigm'. The Good Society, (26) 1, pp 34-54.

Ramgotra, Manjeet (2014) 'Republic and Empire in Montesquieu's Spirit of the Laws'. Millennium: Journal of International Studies, (42) 3, pp 790-816.

Ramgotra, Manjeet (2014) 'Conservative Roots of Republicanism'. Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory, (61) 139, pp 22-49.

Ramgotra, Manjeet (1994) 'Modern theories of the state: Rousseau's republican project'. History of European Ideas, (19) 4-6, pp 819-825.

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Ramgotra, Manjeet (2017) 'India’s Republican Moment: Freedom in Nehru’s Political Thought'. In: Bhatia, Udit, (ed.), The Indian Constituent Assembly: Deliberations on Democracy. New Delhi: Routledge India, pp 196-221.


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