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Dr Alexej Ulbricht

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Alexej Ulbricht
Department of Politics and International Studies

Lecturer in Political Theory

Dr Alexej Ulbricht
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Alexej Ulbricht is a Lecturer in the Department. His work focuses on exclusions within liberalism and how liberal discourses provide conceptual resources for illiberal groups to mobilise. He has explored this in a number of fields, including with regards to immunising tendencies in liberal multiculturalism, and homo-nationalist media narratives. Currently he is working on a project focused on faith-based civil society actors and their mobilisation around reproductive rights.



Authored Books

Ulbricht, Alexej (2014) Multicultural Immunisation: Liberalism and Esposito. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.


Ulbricht, Alexej (2021) 'Who can talk about abortion? Information, offence, freedom of speech, and the advertising ban in Germany'. Politics, pp 26339572110244. [Forthcoming]

Ulbricht, Alexej (2017) 'democratising democracy'. European Political Science, (16) 1, pp 116-119.

Ulbricht, Alexej and Sircar, Indraneel and Slootmaeckers, Koen (2015) 'Queer to be kind: Exploring Western media discourses about the “Eastern bloc” during the 2007 and 2014 Eurovision Song Contests'. Contemporary Southeastern Europe, (2) 1, pp 155-172.

Book Chapters

Ulbricht, Alexej (2013) 'Backlash as excess: scattered speculations on liberal multiculuralism'. In: Nash, Geoffrey and Kerr-Koch, Kathleen and Hackett, Sarah, (eds.), Postcolonialism and Islam: Theory, Literature, Culture, Society and Film. London: Routledge.

Ulbricht, Alexej (2012) 'Towards a more inclusive European immigration policy'. In: Pinheiro, Teresa and José Eduardo, Franco and Cieszynska, Beata, (eds.), Ideas of/ for Europe: An Interdisciplinary Approach to European Identity. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.


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