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BA, MA , PhD (Cantab)
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Chris Bramall
Department of Economics

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Professor Chris Bramall
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PhD Students supervised
  • Jonathan Clyne , The relationship between plan and market in Chinese industry since 1978, and its role in growth.


Authored Books

Bramall, Chris (2008) Chinese Economic Development. London: Routledge.

Bramall, Chris (2006) The Industrialization of Rural China. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bramall, Chris (2000) Sources of Chinese Economic Growth, 1978-1996. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bramall, Chris (1993) In Praise of Maoist Economic Planning: living standards and economic development in Sichuan since 1931. Oxford: Claredon Press.

Bramall, Chris (1989) Living Standards in Sichuan, 1931-1978. London: Contemporary China Institute, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.


Bramall, Chris (2011) 'Agency and Famine in China's Sichuan Province, 1958–1962'. The China Quarterly, (208), pp 990-1008.

Bramall, Chris (2011) 'Agency and Famine in China's Sichuan Province, 1958-1962'. The China Quarterly, (208), pp 990-1008.

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Book Chapters

Bramall, Chris and Jones, Marion E. (2000) 'The Fate of the Chinese Peasantry'. In: Mooij, Jos E. and Bryceson, Deborah F. and Kay, Cristóbal, (eds.), Disappearing Peasantries? rural labour in Africa, Asia and Latin America. London: Intermediate Technology Publications.

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Bramall, Chris (1995) 'The Lessons of History: New Economic Policy in China and the USSR'. In: Nolan, Peter and Chang, Ha-Joon, (eds.), The Transformation of the Communist Economies: Against The Mainstream. New York: St Martin's Press (Palgrave Macmillan).

Bramall, Chris (1993) 'China'. In: Corbridge, Stuart, (ed.), World Economy. New York: Oxford University Press.

Bramall, Chris (1991) 'Collectivisation'. In: Bottomore, T. B., (ed.), A Dictionary of Marxist Thought. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

Bramall, Chris (1990) 'The Wenzhou "Miracle": An Assessment'. In: Nolan, Peter and Dong, Fureng, (eds.), Market Forces in China: competition and small business : the Wenzhou debate. London: ZED Books Ltd.


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