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Dr Atef Alshaer

BA (Birzeit University, Palestine), MA and PhD (SOAS, University of London)
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Dr. Atef Alshaer - Language and Power in the Arab World

My research interests include language, politics and literature of the Arab world in particular. In Arabic culture, political discourses tend to draw on rich political and literary traditions which are used by various groups in different ways. I have researched, alongside other scholars, a number of interrelated themes, including nationalist and Islamist discourses and their interrelations in Palestine, political poetry, avant-garde classical and modern Arabic poetry, the politics and culture of movements such as the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, and the Lebanese movement Hizbullah; language and national identity in the Palestinian territories and postcolonial ideas and their relevance to Palestinian conditions and Arab narratives in general.



Linguistics, Literature, philosophy and history and politics of the Arab World.


Authored Books

Alshaer, Atef (2017) Language and National Identity in Palestine: Representations of Power and Resistance in Gaza. London: I.B.Tauris. [Forthcoming]

Matar, Dina and Khatib, Lina and Alshaer, Atef (2014) The Hizbullah Phenomenon: Politics and Communication. London; New York, NY: Hurst and Oxford University Press.

Alshaer, Atef (2014) Poetry and Politics in the Modern Arab World. London; New York: Hurst and Columbia University Press.


Alshaer, Atef (2014) 'Adonis, 'Ali Ahmad Said Esber (b.1930)'. The Literary Encyclopedia: Exploring Literature, History and Culture.

Alshaer, Atef (2012) 'Language and Power in the Arab World'. Middle East Critique. [Forthcoming]

Alshaer, Atef (2011) 'Identity in Mahmoud Darwish's Poem 'The dice player''. The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, (4) 1, pp 90-110.

Alshaer, Atef (2009) 'The Poetry of Hamas'. The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, (2) 2, pp 214-230.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'Towards a Theory of Culture of Communication: The Fixed and the Dynamics in Hamas’ Communicated Discourse'. The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, (1) 2, pp 101-121.

Edited Books or Journals

Alshaer, Atef, (ed.), (2017) Love and Poetry in the Middle East. London: Hurst; Oxford University Press. [Forthcoming]

Book Chapters

Alshaer, Atef (2021) 'The 'Other' in the Discourse of Hamas and Hizbullah'. In: Gleave, Robert and Baig, Mustafa, (eds.), Violence in Modern Islamic Thought. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Alshaer, Atef (2019) 'Introduction: Love and Poetry in the Middle East: Love as a Method'. In: Alshaer, Atef, (ed.), Love and Poetry in the Middle East. London: Hurst; Oxford University Press. [Forthcoming]

Alshaer, Atef (2017) 'Representation of Language in Arab Media for Children'. In: Sakr, Naomi and Steemers, Jeanette, (eds.), Children's TV and Digital Media in the Arab World: Childhood, Screen Culture and Education. London, UK: I.B.Tauris, pp 182-200.

Alshaer, Atef (2017) 'An Arab and Islamic View of Love: The Poetry of the ‘UdhrÄ«s'. Love and Poetry in the Middle East. London: Hurst; Oxford University Press. [Forthcoming]

Alshaer, Atef (2016) 'In the Company of Frantz Fanon: The Israeli Wars and the National Culture of Gaza'. In: Souri, Helga Tawil and Matar, Dina, (eds.), Gaza as Metaphor. London: Hurst;, pp 141-157.

Alshaer, Atef (2014) 'Poetry in the Arab Spring: A historical Perspective'. In: Sadiki, Larbi, (ed.), Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring : Rethinking Democratization. London: Routledge, pp 392-407.

Alshaer, Atef (2013) 'Humanism, Nationalism and Violence in Mahmoud Darwish’s Poetry'. In: Kennedy, Hugh, (ed.), Warefare and Poetry in the Middle East. London: I.B Tauris, pp 257-283.

Alshaer, Atef (2013) 'Islam in the Narrative of Fatah and Hamas'. Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communications Practices in Lebanon and Palestine. London: I.B Tauris, pp 111-133.

Alshaer, Atef (2013) 'Hebrew Elements in Palestinian Arabic political discourse'. In: Khan, Geoffrey, (ed.), Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics. Leiden; Boston: Brill Publications, pp 7-12.

Alshaer, Atef (2012) 'Hamas Broadcasting: Al-Aqsa Channel in Gaza'. In: Hroub, Khalid, (ed.), Religious Broadcasting in the Middle East. London; New York: Hurst & Columbia University Press, pp 237-261.

Alshaer, Atef (2011) 'Language as culture: The Question of Arabic'. In: Sabry, Tarik, (ed.), Arab Cultural Studies: Mapping the Field. London: I.B Tauris, pp 275-297.

Conference Items

Alshaer, Atef (2012) 'The Prison of Politics: Palestine beyond Fatah and Hamas' In: The future of Hamas or the Hamas future, 7th September 2012., Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen, Norway.. [Unpublished]

Alshaer, Atef (2012) 'The Poetry of Hizbullah' In: Revolution and Revolt: Understanding the Forms and Causes of Change, 26-28 March 2012, BRISMES Annual Conference, LSE. [Unpublished]

Book Reviews

Alshaer, Atef (2013) ''The Power and the People: Paths of Resistance in the Middle East', by Charles Tripp'. The Middle East in London, (10) 1, pp 24.

Alshaer, Atef (2012) ''Sketches of Spain, with illustrations by Julian Bell' by Federico Garcia Lorca'. Latinolife.

Alshaer, Atef (2012) 'Review of 'The Cambridge Introduction to Edward Said', by Conor McCarthy and 'Edward Said: A Legacy of Emancipation and Representation', by Adel Iskandar and Hakem Rustom'. The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, (5) 2, pp 250-254.

Alshaer, Atef (2011) 'Review of 'Tablet and Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East', by Reza Aslan'. The Middle East in London, (7) 9, pp 18.

Alshaer, Atef (2011) 'Review of 'The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Dynasty: The Husaynis 1700-1948', by Ilan Pappe'. The Middle East in London, (7) 7, pp 27.

Alshaer, Atef (2011) 'What it Means to Be Palestinian: Stories of Palestinian Peoplehood by Dina Matar'. Jerusalem Quarterly 46, pp 71-74.

Alshaer, Atef (2010) 'From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Israeli Arab Conflict, 1891-1949, by Victor Kattan'. Al-Quds and Al-Hayat Newspapers.

Alshaer, Atef (2009) 'Gaza in Suspension: Review of, 'Governing Gaza: Bureaucracy, Authority, and the Work of Rule, 1917–1967, by Ilana Feldman'. H-Net H-Levant.

Alshaer, Atef (2009) 'Review of 'Embers and Ashes: Memories of an Arab Intellectual', by Hisham Sharabi'. Electronic Intifada.

Alshaer, Atef (2009) 'Review of 'The Strings of the Lute', by Eileen Colucci'. The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, (2) 1, pp 176-179.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'Review of 'A Country of Words: A Palestinian Journey from the Refugee Camp to the Front Page', by Abdel Bari Atwan'. The Electronic Intifada.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'Two poetry collections: Flawed Landscape, by Sharif S. Elmus, And Poets for Palestine, by Remi Kanazi (ed.)'. Electronic Intifada.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'The Last Resistance, by Jacqueline Rose'. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism: The Last Resistance, (8) 2, pp 376-378.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'What Did We Do to Deserve This? Palestinian Life Under Occupation in the West Bank, by Mark Howell'. The Middle East in London Magazine.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'Heroes and Martyrs of Palestine: The Politics of National Commemoration, by Laleh Khalili'. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, (8) 1, pp 183-185.

Alshaer, Atef (2008) 'A novel: The Year of the Revolutionary: The Bread Making Machine, by Hassan Daoud'. The Middle East in London, (4) 7.

Alshaer, Atef (2007) 'Failing Peace: Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, by Sara Roy'. The Middle East in London.

Alshaer, Atef (2007) 'A Threat From Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism, by Yakov Rabkin'. The Middle East in London.


Alshaer, Atef (2015) 'The Imperative of Palestinian Liberation'.

Alshaer, Atef (2014) 'The Palestinian Narrative of Reconciliation'.

Alshaer, Atef (2013) 'Review: Blood Wedding, by Gabriel Garcia Lorca'.

Alshaer, Atef (2013) 'Egypt: Retreat from Democracy'.

Alshaer, Atef (2012) 'Edward Said and Mahmoud Darwish: Bringing Palestine and the World together in Poetry and Prose' The Middle East in London, 8.

Alshaer, Atef (2011) 'In the Shadow of Lorca' The London Magazine and Latino Life.

Alshaer, Atef (2009) 'Syria: The Weeping Child of Our Conscience'.


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