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Dr Tim Pringle

BA (Leeds); PhD (Warwick)
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Programmes Convened
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PhD Students supervised
  • Ayse Arslan, Low-Paid Industrial Workers in the Garment Industry, Un-Paid House-Workers in the Family: Women Workers in Turkey/Izmir
  • Daniel Fuchs, Hegemony and Labour Politics in the People's Republic of China. Labour conflicts and hegemonic state strategies in the context of industrial relocation to Western China
  • Prince Asafu-Adjaye, Trade Union Responses to Neoliberalism in Ghana
  • Tomaz M. Fares, The Chinese Agribusiness in the Global Soybean Commodity Chain
  • Yan-Ho (Eric) Lai, Working Title: Resilient Professionalism under Authoritarianism: Building Professional Legal Culture and the Rule of Law in Post-colonial Hong Kong


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  • China and Inner Asia
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  • Vietnam
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Authored Books

Pringle, Tim and Clarke, Simon (2011) The Challenge of Transition: Trade Unions in Russia, China and Vietnam. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Pringle, Tim (2011) Trade Unions in China: The Challenge of Labour Unrest. London: Routledge.


Pringle, Tim and Woodman, Sophia (2022) 'Between a rock and a hard place: academic freedom in globalising Chinese universities'. The International Journal of Human Rights, pp 1-21. [Forthcoming]

Woodman, Sophia and Pringle, Tim (2022) 'Differentiating risks to academic freedom in the globalised university in China'. Philosophy & Social Criticism, (48) 4, pp 642-651.

Howell, Jude and Pringle, Tim (2019) 'Shades of Authoritarianism and State-Labour Relations in China'. British Journal of Industrial Relations, (57) 2, pp 223-246.

Pringle, Tim (2018) 'A Solidarity Machine? Hong Kong Labour NGOs in Guangdong'. Critical Sociology, (44) 4-5, pp 661-675.

Pringle, Tim and Meng, Quan (2018) 'Taming Labor: Workers’ struggles, workplace unionism and collective bargaining on a Chinese waterfront'. ILR Review, (71) 5, pp 1053-1077.

Pringle, Tim (2016) 'A Class against Capital: Class and Collective Bargaining in Guangdong'. Globalizations, (14) 2, pp 245-258.

Pringle, Tim (2016) 'Strikes and labour relations in China'. Workers of the World: international journal on strikes and social conflicts, (1) 8, pp 122-142.

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Pringle, Tim and Clarke, Simon and Do, Chi Quynh (2011) 'The resolution of collective labour disputes in Russia, China and Vietnam: the role of trade unions'. Conflict and Cooperation: The International Symposium of Collective Labor Dispute Resolution and Regulation, Beijing, 17-18 December, pp 107-122.

Clarke, Simon and Pringle, Tim (2009) 'Can party-led trade unions represent their members?'. Post-Communist Economies, (21) 1, pp 85-101.

Pringle, Tim and Frost, Stephen D. (2003) '“The Absence of Rigor and the Failure of Implementation”: Occupational Health and Safety in China'. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, (9) 4, pp 309-319.

Book Chapters

Pringle, Tim and Brown, William and Kai, Chang (2017) 'Going to Market: Comparing Labour Relations Reform in China, Russia and Vietnam'. In: Brown, William and Kai, Chang, (eds.), The Emerging Industrial Relations of China. Cambridge University Press, pp 210-237.

Pringle, Tim (2015) 'Trade Union reform in Russia and China: Harmony, Partnership and the power from below'. In: Chan, Anita, (ed.), Chinese Workers in Comparative Perspective. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Pringle, Tim (2015) 'Comparing Trade Union Reform in Transitional Societies: Vietnam, China and Russia'. In: Artus, Ingrid and Blien, Uwe and Holland, Judith and Hong, Van Phan thi, (eds.), Labour Market and Industrial Relations in Vietnam. Baden-Baden: Nomos; Bloomsbury, pp 337-358.

Pringle, Tim (2015) 'Labour as an Agent of Change: the case of China'. In: Pradella, Lucia and Marois, Thomas, (eds.), Polarising Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis. London: Pluto Press, pp 192-202.

Pringle, Tim (2013) 'Labour unrest and institutional reform in China [In German]'. In: Egger, Georg, (ed.), Arbeitskämpfe in China. Berichte von der Werkbank der Welt (Workers' Struggles in China. Reports from the Workshop of the World). Vienna: Promedia.

Pringle, Tim (2013) 'Social Justice and the Transition to the Market; trade unions in Russia, China and Vietnam'. In: Howell, Jude, (ed.), Non Government Public Action and Social Justice. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Pringle, Tim (2009) 'Causes, implementation and consequences of ‘Xiagang''. In: Luk, Phyllis, (ed.), Xiagang: Sacrifices in the Transformation of Labour Policy in China: From State to Market. Hong Kong: Asia Monitor Resources Centre.

Pringle, Tim (2004) 'Chinese Migrants'. Asian Migrant Centre Annual Yearbook. Hong Kong: Asia Migrant Centre.

Pringle, Tim (2003) 'Reflections on Chinese Labour Law'. In: Frost, Stephen D. and Omana, George and Shepherd, Ed, (eds.), Asia Pacific Labour Law Review, Workers Rights for the New Century. Hong Kong: Asia Monitor Resources Centre.

Book Reviews

Pringle, Tim (2013) 'Review of: 'China's Changing Workplace: Dynamism, Diversity and Disparity' edited by Peter Sheldon, Sunghoon Kim, Yiqiong Li and Malcolm Warner. London and New York: Routledge, 2013 and 'Chinese Labor in a Korean Factory: Class, Ethnicity and Productivity on the Shop Floor in Globalizing China' by Jaesok Kim. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2013.'. The China Quarterly, (216), pp 1065-1067.


Zhang, Tao and Hamilton, Clive and Pringle, Tim and Watson, Roger (2018) 'How can scholars tackle the rise of Chinese censorship in the West?' The Times Higher Education.

Pringle, Tim (2016) 'Taking matters into their own hands' New Internationalist Magazine, Sep.

Pringle, Tim (2006) 'Is there a labour movement in China?' Asian Labour Update.


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