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Dr Alberto Asquer

Econ (Cagliari) MSc (LSE) PhD (Salerno) PhD (LSE)
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Alberto Asquer
Centre for Financial and Management Studies (CeFiMS)

Director of Public Policy & Management and Public Financial Management programmes

Centre for Water and Development

Member, Center for Water and Development

School of Finance and Management

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management

Dr Alberto Asquer
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SOAS University of London
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Public policy and management, especially in the political economy of regulation and regulatory reforms, public policy implementation, public management.


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Authored Books

Asquer, Alberto (2018) Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities: Public Policy and Management Issues.. London: Palgrave.

Asquer, Alberto (2017) Public Sector Revenue: Principles, Policies and Management. London: Routledge.

Flynn, Norman and Asquer, Alberto (2017) Public Sector Management, 7th edition.. London: SAGE.


Asquer, Alberto and Krachkovskaya, Inna (2022) 'Designing public financial management systems: exploring the use of chatbot-assisted case studies'. Public Money and Management, pp 1-7. [Forthcoming]

Asquer, Alberto and Krachkovskaya, Inna (2022) 'The Role of Externalities and Uncertainty in Policy Design: Evidence from the Regulation of Genome Editing'. Policy Design and Practice, (5) 2, pp 140-151.

Asquer, Alberto and Krachkovskaya, Inna (2021) 'Uncertainty, institutions and regulatory responses to emerging technologies: CRISPR Gene editing in the US and the EU (2012–2019)'. Regulation & Governance, (15) 4, pp 1111-1127.

Asquer, Alberto and Krachkovskaya, Inna (2021) 'A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on CRISPR in Social Sciences and Humanities'. Re:GEN Open, (1) 1.

Asquer, Alberto and Ahmed, Al-Zahrani (2020) 'Public Services Reforms in Neo-Patrimonial Systems: The Commercialization of Healthcare and Education in Saudi Arabia'. Public Management Review, (22) 2, pp 255-277.

Araral, Eduardo and Asquer, Alberto and Wang, Yahua (2016) 'Regulatory Constructivism: Application of Q Methodology in Italy and China'. Water Resources Management, (31) 8, pp 2497-2521.

Asquer, Alberto (2014) 'Understanding Subjectivities in the Regulation of Local Water Services: A Q Methodology Study of Elected Public Officers in Italy'. Water, (6) 3, pp 670-693.

Asquer, Alberto (2014) 'Explaining Partial Privatization of Public Service Provision: The Emergence of Mixed Ownership Water Firms in Italy (1994-2009)'. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, (85) 1, pp 11-30.

Asquer, Alberto (2014) 'Using Analytic Narratives in Policy Analysis: An Explanation of the Implementation of the Water Reform in Italy (1994-2002)'. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, (16) 1, pp 79-93.

Asquer, Alberto (2013) 'Managing Challenging Organizational Change: Introducing Active Labor Market Policies in Italian Public Employment Agencies'. Public Management Review, (17) 6, pp 901-921.

Asquer, Alberto (2012) 'Managing the Process of Decentralization: Transforming Old Public Entities into New Agencies in the Agricultural Sector'. International Public Management Journal, (15) 2, pp 207-229.

Asquer, Alberto (2011) 'Liberalization and Regulatory Reform of Network Industries: A Comparative Analysis of Italian Public Utilities'. Utilities Policy, (19) 3, pp 172-184.

Spano, Alessandro and Asquer, Alberto (2011) 'Performance Review and Assessment of Public Managers: Some Evidence from Local Governments in Italy'. International Journal of Public Administration, (34) 7, pp 461-472.

Asquer, Alberto (2010) 'Implementing Fiscal Decentralization: A Case Study of a Regional Tax Agency in Italy'. Governance, (23) 4, pp 609-621.

Asquer, Alberto (2010) 'The Regulatory Reform of Water Infrastructure in Italy: Overall Design and Local Variations'. Water Policy, (12) S1, pp 66-83.

Edited Books or Journals

Asquer, Alberto and Becchis, Franco and Russolillo, Daniele, (eds.), (2016) The Political Economy of Local Regulation: Theoretical Frameworks and International Case Studies.. London: Palgrave.

Book Chapters

Asquer, Alberto and Mele, Valentina (2018) 'Policy-Making and Public Management'. In: Ongaro, Edoardo and Van Thiel, Sandra, (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration and Management in Europe. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 517-533.

DuVernet, Amy and Asquer, Alberto and Krachkovskaya, Inna (2016) 'The gamification of education and business: a critical analysis and future research prospects'. In: Olleros, F. Xavier and Zhegu, Majlinda, (eds.), Research Handbook on Digital Transformations. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, pp 335-353.


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