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PhD (Amsterdam, NL)
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Colette Harris
Department of Development Studies

Reader in Gender and Development

Centre for Gender Studies


Violence, Peace and Development Research Cluster

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SOAS Centre of Contemporary Central Asia & the Caucasus

Academic Staff, Centre of Contemporary Central Asia and the Caucasus

Draft toolkit for incorporating gender into conflict analysis

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Dr Colette Harris
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I am a micro-political scientist all of whose research is reflected through a gender analytical lens, with a particular focus on the relational aspects of masculinities and femininities. I specialise in grass-roots pedagogies for social change, particularly in relation to violence reduction during and after conflict situations. Further interests are in the fields of gender and religion, sexualities, (reproductive) health, and community development. I have worked in all three continents of the global south but my main areas of expertise are Central Asia, and East and West Africa. Before joining SOAS, I was in the School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia, and a fellow at the Institute of Development Studies.



My research interests centre on gender and micro-political power. This includes exploring the relationship between masculinities, femininities, and violence, and between gender and religion.  I also put into practice and research the workings and impact of post-Freirean, community-based pedagogies, particularly focused through participatory gender analysis with a further specialism in public health education. I have further been working on developing empowering ways of imparting agricultural technologies to farmers in the global south, to date mainly in Ecuador.  Much of my earlier work was carried out in Tajikistan but recently I have been mainly involved in Uganda and Nigeria.


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  • Uganda


Authored Books

Harris, Colette (2006) Muslim Youth Tensions and Transitions in Tajikistan Westview Case Studies in Anthropology. Boulder, CO.: Westview Press.

Harris, Colette (2004) Control and Subversion: Gender Relations in Tajikistan. London: Pluto Press.


Harris, Colette (2022) 'The Functioning of Gender, With Special Reference to the Global South'. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Gender Research, pp 97-104.

Harris, Colette (2017) 'Some Gender Implications of the ‘Civilising Mission’ of the Anglican Church for the Acholi Peoples of Northern Uganda'. Religions, (8) 11, 245.

Harris, Colette (2017) 'Masculinities, New Forms of Religion, and the Production of Social Order in Kaduna City, Nigeria'. Journal of Religion in Africa, (46) 2-3, pp 251-287.

Harris, Colette (2013) 'Violence in a Religiously Divided City: Kaduna, Nigeria—From the Shari'a Riots of 2000 to the Post-election Clashes of 2011'. Space and Polity, (17) 3, pp 284-299.

Harris, Colette (2012) 'Gender–age systems and social change: a Haugaardian power analysis based on research from northern Uganda'. Journal of Political Power, (5) 3, pp 475-492.

Harris, Colette (2012) 'Conjugality, Subjectivity, Desire and Gender-based Violence in Tajikistan'. Journal of Development Studies, (48) 1, pp 55-67.

Harris, Colette (2009) 'Transformative Education in Violent Contexts: Working with Muslim and Christian Youth in Kaduna, Nigeria'. IDS Bulletin, (40) 3, pp 34-40.

Harris, Colette (2006) 'Doing Development with Men: Some Reflections on a Case Study from Mali'. IDS Bulletin, (37) 6, pp 47-56.

Harris, Colette (2005) 'Desire versus Horniness: Sexual Relations in the Collectivist Society of Tajikistan'. Social Analysis, (49) 2, pp 78-95.

Book Chapters

Harris, Colette (2017) 'Men, masculinity and labour-force participation in Kaduna, Nigeria: Are there positive alternatives to the provider role?'. In: Walker, Charlie and Roberts, Steven, (eds.), Masculinities, Labour and Neoliberalism: Working-Class Men in International Perspective. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 29-52.

Harris, Colette (2015) 'Gender and post-conflict rehabilitation'. In: Coles, Anne and Gray, Leslie and Momsen, Janet, (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Gender and Development. Abingdon; New York, NY: Routledge, pp 407-417.

Harris, Colette (2014) 'The use of participatory gender analysis for violence reduction in (post-)conflict settings: a study of a community education project in northern Uganda'. In: Texler Segal, Marcia and Demos, Vasilikie, (eds.), Gendered Perspectives on Conflict and Violence: Part B. Bingley: Emerald, pp 145-170.


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