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LLB (Leeds), LLM, PhD (Bristol), PGDip (UWE)
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Dr Kate Grady
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Kate is a Senior Lecturer in Law at SOAS University of London, where she researches military law, drawing on domestic and international criminal law, the law of armed conflict, international peace and security, and critical legal theories. Her research currently falls into two main strands: one focusing on the legal and political aspects of misconduct by United Nations peacekeepers, and the other on UK military forces, particularly in relation to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kate encourages applications from prospective PhD students whose research falls within her areas of interest.

Kate’s research has been published in journals including the Modern Law Review and the Criminal Law Review and she is currently writing a book for Oxford University Press. In 2016, Kate was a visiting scholar at the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law at Melbourne Law School. Kate is a member of the Policy Advisory Group of the United Nations Association UK and of the Sexual Violence and Peacekeeping Network at the University of Reading. Prior to becoming an academic, Kate practised at the bar specialising in criminal defence and human rights cases and was a lawyer at the Law Commission of England and Wales.


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Alison Jin, Women's (dis)engagement with politics in post-1994 Rwanda
  • Fé de Jonge, New Approaches to the Study of International Criminal Tribunals in History
  • Riccardo Labianco, Supporting a Cause or Fighting Wars with the Lives of Others? Legal Criticisms and Possible Justifications to Arms Transfers and Jus ad Bellum in Civil Wars (Working Title)


Military law, criminal law, international criminal law, peace and security, peacekeeping, critical legal theories



Grady, Kate (2016) 'Sex, Statistics, Peacekeepers and Power: UN Data on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and the Quest For Legal Reform'. Modern Law Review, (79) 6, pp 931-960.

Grady, Kate (2016) 'Disciplinary Offences at the Court Martial'. Criminal Law Review, pp 714-742.

Grady, Kate (2014) 'International Crimes in the Courts of England and Wales'. Criminal Law Review, (10), pp 693-722.

Grady, Kate (2014) 'International Crimes in the Courts of England and Wales'. 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of the Criminal Law Review, pp S142-S171.

Grady, Kate (2010) 'Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Peacekeepers: A Threat to Impartiality'. International Peacekeeping, (17) 2, pp 215-228.

Conference Items

Grady, Kate (2017) 'Non-Sexual Misconduct by United Nations Peacekeepers – Why the Silence?' In: Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, 7-8 September 2017, Dublin. [Unpublished]

Grady, Kate (2015) 'The Tyranny of Numbers: UN Statistics on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by its Peacekeepers' In: Academic Council on the United Nations System Annual Meeting 2015, 11-13 June 2015, The Hague. [Unpublished]

Grady, Kate (2014) 'Sexual violence against women during and post-conflict: are UN peacekeepers part of the solution or part of the problem?' In: Women in and at War Conference, 18 - 19 September, 2014, University of Warwick. [Unpublished]

Grady, Kate (2008) 'Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by United Nations Peacekeepers: A Threat to Impartiality' In: Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, 2008, London School of Economics. [Unpublished]

Book Reviews

Grady, Kate (2006) 'A Review of Fareda Banda, Women, Law and Human Rights: An African Perspective'. African Journal of International and Comparative Law, (14) 2, pp 295-297.


Grady, Kate (2017) 'Comment on Blackman [2017] EWCA Crim 190' Criminal Law Review, 2017.

Grady, Kate (2014) 'Comment on Gul [2013] UKSC 64' Criminal Law Review.

Grady, Kate (2014) 'Comment on Marines A, B, C, D and E [2014] EWCA Crim 2367' Criminal Law Review.


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