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Birsha Ohdedar

BA LLB (University of Auckland, New Zealand), LLM (SOAS, London), PhD (SOAS, London)
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Birsha Ohdedar
School of Law

Lecturer in Law

Law, Environment and Development Centre (LEDC)

Deputy Director

Dr Birsha Ohdedar
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Paul Webley Wing (Senate House)
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Monday 14:00-15:00 and Thursday 11:00-12:00


Birsha Ohdedar is Lecturer in Climate Change and Environmental Law. He joined SOAS in April 2022. Birsha holds degrees in Law and Political Studies from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a LLM and PhD from SOAS, University of London.

Birsha’s current work focuses on environmental and climate justice, human rights, climate litigation and water. His work interrogates the role of law in the broader political economy of the environmental and climate crisis. His work adopts an interdisciplinary approach, engaging primarily with political ecology and critical geography. Birsha works on these issues at the international and domestic law level (with a regional focus on India). His doctoral research examined the topic of the human right to water in the context of climate change with a case study on India.

Birsha is an editor of the Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD Journal). He is a Research Associate with the International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC) and is a member of the Law, Environment and Development Centre. Birsha previously taught at the University of Essex (2019-2022).

Prior to entering academia, Birsha practised law for several years. He began his career at a large law firm in New Zealand, before working with human rights lawyers’ collectives and NGOs in Bangalore, India on land rights and labour issues. He then worked in law firms in London, advising on renewable energy and climate change law. Between 2014-2019, he also regularly advised at the UN Climate Change negotiations through Legal Response International, an organisation providing legal advice to small island developing states, least developed countries, and civil society actors.


International Environmental Law Centre (IELRC); Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE); IUCN World Commission of Environmental Law (IUCN); SOAS Law, Environment and Development Centre




Ohdedar, Birsha and Cusato, Eliana and Jones, Emily and Beuno De Mesquita, Judith (2022) 'Symposium Introduction: Critical Perspectives on Global Law and the Environment'. Asian Journal of International Law, pp 1-8. [Forthcoming]

Ohdedar, Birsha (2022) 'Climate Adaptation, Vulnerability and Rights-Based Litigation: Broadening the Scope of Climate Litigation Using Political Ecology'. Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, (13) 1, pp 137-156.

Bhullar, Lovleen and Cullet, Philippe and Lesniewska, Feja and Ohdedar, Birsha (2019) 'Introduction - Designing Law and Policy Towards Managing Plastics in a Circular Economy'. Law, Environment and Development Journal, (15) 2, pp 89-92.

Ohdedar, Birsha (2017) 'Groundwater Law, Abstraction, and Responding to Climate Change – assessing recent law reforms in British Columbia, Canada and England'. Water International, (42) 6, pp 691-708.

Ohdedar, Birsha (2016) 'Loss and Damage from the Impacts of Climate Change: A Framework for Implementation'. Nordic Journal of International Law, (85) 1, pp 1-36.

Book Chapters

Ohdedar, Birsha (2021) 'Climate Change Litigation in India and Pakistan: Analyzing Opportunities and Challenges'. In: Alogna, Ivano and Bakker, Christine and Gauci, Jean-Pierre, (eds.), Climate Change Litigation: Global Perspectives. Leiden: Brill, pp 103-123.

Ohdedar, Birsha and McNab, Steven (2021) 'Climate Litigation in the United Kingdom'. In: Kahl, Wolfgang and Weller, Marc-Philippe, (eds.), Climate Change Litigation: A Handbook. München: C. H. Beck.

Ohdedar, Birsha (2019) 'The Human Right to Water in India: In search for an alternative commons-based approach in the context of climate change'. In: Haller, Tobias and Breu, Thomas and de Moor, Tine and Rohr, Christian and Znoj, Heinz Peter, (eds.), The Commons in a Glocal World: Global Connections and Local Responses. London: Routledge, pp 475-493.

Monographs and Working Papers

Ohdedar, Birsha (2012) Land Acquisition for Tourism: A review of state practices, laws and policies (EQUATIONS Research Paper). Bengaluru: Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS).

Book Reviews

Ohdedar, Birsha (2018) 'Review of: Sumudu Atapattu - Human Rights Approaches to Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities'. Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, (9) 1, pp 107-112.

Lokhandwala, Zainab and Ohdedar, Birsha and Tweedley, Peter (2018) 'Review of: Research Methods in Environmental Law: A Handbook'. Law Environment and Development Journal, (14) 1, pp 73-77.

Ohdedar, Birsha (2017) 'Review of: Risk, Resilience, Inequality and Environmental Law'. Law Environment and Development Journal, (13) 2, pp 134-137.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Ohdedar, Birsha (2022) The Rule of Law: Driving water and climate inequality?.

Ohdedar, Birsha (2020) To rebuild the Sundarbans, India needs to rethink its laws.

Ohdedar, Birsha (2017) Critical gaps in West Bengal’s sand mining reforms.


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