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Pia Ljungman

MA (SOAS), MA (Kent), MA (University of Helskinki)
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Pia Ljungman
Pia Ljungman
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Making Money: Remodelling Europe The causes and consequences of the European sovereign debt crisis narrative
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3 (part-time)
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Utilizing economic theory, international relations theory and political discourse theory, the project presents a comprehensive account on how Europe has been remodelled with the European sovereign debt crisis narrative. Adopting a critical social constructivist framework, the crisis in not taken for granted, but considered to be discursively constructed, transforming political economic structures and power relations in the process. A rich scope of empirical data, ranging from supranational and national documents, market data to political discourses, is analysed to detail how Europe has been remodelled and how, and with what consequences, the remodelling has been narrated to the public. The objective is to explain the European political project by presenting an empirically and theoretically rich analysis of recent political economic developments in Europe. The key aim is to understand the strategic role of the European arrangement in finance capitalism.


  • International Relations
  • Political Economy
  • Discourse Theory and Analysis
  • Financial Crisis and Sovereign Debt Crisis
  • Neoliberalism