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Online Module Sign-Up for modules in Academic Year 2021/22

Module Sign-Up

At SOAS, we assign your compulsory modules to your record automatically each year but depending on your programme you may need to select your optional or open modules through module sign up.

Choose from:

Key dates

Module sign up for new Undergraduate and Postgraduate students will open on the 9 September prior to the start of term.

Module sign up for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students continuing their studies next academic year has now closed. If you do not complete module choices, these will be added for you. Academic departments will determine what modules will be used for those who don’t make a choice of their own.

My Module Selections

For new and returning students, you must select your chosen modules using our online module sign-up system, which will guide you to the courses you are able to take.

Prior to the module sign up process opens online, think carefully about the modules you'd like to study. You can do this by visiting the Undergraduate / Postgraduate module web pages. These provide information about the subject area and content

Logging in to Module Sign-Up

Log in to the Module Sign-Up system

This will take you to the Module Sign-Up page. You should see your Programme of Study and the year into which you will be going in September 2021. If you have logged in and do not see the correct Programme of Study and year, please contact your Academic Department Student Support team via email.

Choosing your Modules

To see an expanded list of Modules, click on the Show Modules button at each level.

We’ve grouped the Modules under:

  1. Core/compulsory Modules:are Modules which are automatically chosen for you and cannot be changed.
  2. Optional Modules: are Modules you can choose from within your Department. The structure tab of your Degree programme webpage will guide you as to what you can choose.
  3. Open Options: are Modules (usually from different Departments) that you can choose from.

We recommend you work your way down the groups as they are presented on the page – we’ve structured it to correspond with the information on the programme web pages for your faculty.

To choose a Modules, tick the box next to it. Please note that sometimes you’ll have to tick the 'group' box above the list first. This applies to groups of open options Modules in particular. If you change your mind at any point, just un-tick the box.


Be sure to enrol in 120 credits each year. The degree requires 360 credits in all, made up of a combination of compulsory modules, optional options, and open options.

Most masters degrees require 180 credits in all, of which 60 are your dissertation (the two year Masters ‘with Intensive Language’ have higher requirements). If you are studying over two years you should enrol in 90 credits for 21-22, and if over three years, for 60 credits - though this will depend on how many credits you are taking this year.

Try to keep your workload balanced with the same number of credits in each term. This will ensure that you are able to keep up with the requirements. Badly imbalanced credit loads can lead to exhaustion and endanger your ability to progress.

Once you’ve chosen modules worth your total ie.120 or 180 credits you will not be able to choose any more (further tick boxes will not be able to be selected).

Changing your choice

If you want to change a selected Module, click in the box next to it to remove the tick and choose again. Note that if you have had to click in the group box above the Module, you will have to un-tick this too. Please be aware the deadline for changes is the 1 October 2021.


Some Modules have pre/co-requisites which need to have been taken in previous sessions or the current session. Some Modules will therefore not be able to be selection prior to (pre-requisites taken) or after selecting (co-requisites) certain courses.

Saving Choices

Save Choices - there is a Save button to do this at the top and bottom of the page. This will save the choices you have made so far. You will still be able to log back in while the system is open and complete your choices at a later date.

Abandon Choices - there is a button to do this at the top and bottom of the page. This abandons only the optional Modules, not the core/compulsory modules (which cannot be changed).

Year Abroad Students

If you hope to be studying abroad next year, you don’t have to choose your Modules online.

The Small Print

Whilst we can’t guarantee that all Modules offered during this sign-up period will be available in the next session, every effort will be made to accommodate student choices and the number of selections made to a particular course may be used to determine this availability. The information will also be used to inform the teaching timetable. It may not be possible to guarantee that all student choices will be achievable.

Please see the current timetable to obtain an idea of how lecture and tutorials may be structured.


When deciding on which Option or Open Option to select, students are encouraged to review individual Undergraduate / Postgraduate module web pages. These provide information about the subject area and content, together with Module Convenor contact details. Your Academic Department Student Support team and specifically your Academic advisor are also here to support you with these choices.

You are able to contact Module Convenors and Academic Advisors by email or during online office hours, to discuss suitability of selections in the context of your programme enrolment and academic goals.

If you have any problems with choosing modules (for example, you can't find the module you want to take or you are not sure how to use the system), please contact your Academic Department Student Support team via email.

During Welcome Week you are able to contact Module Convenors, and your Department Student Support team will be available in Module Sign Up surgeries.