SOAS Economics reports balanced gender representation in both its staff and student-body

16 July 2021

A recent report by the Royal Economic Society reveals that women are still under-represented in UK economics academia. According to The Gender Imbalance in UK Economics report by The Royal Economic Society, the percentage of women is especially low among undergraduate students and academic economists. In 2018, women represented 32 percent of economics undergraduate students, 50 percent of economics graduate students (both masters and Ph.D.) and 26 percent of academic economists.

Yet SOAS Economics is an expectation to this trend, as unlike other UK HEIs, the department has a much more balanced gender representation in both its staff and student-body.

% Women students

First Degree:

  • UK HEI average - 32%
  • SOAS Economics - 44%

Masters Degree:

  • UK HEI average - 52%
  • SOAS Economics - 59%


  • UK HEI average - 39%
  • SOAS Economics - 48%

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